At the age of 7 weeks, I can finally go to my NEW HOME.


I guessed all the planning and preparation had been done. Hopefully it will go smoothly.

Mummy said:”

Before we proceed

  • Arrange to bring BAILEYS home during the morning so that we have plenty of time to get it settled in before night-time.
  • Don’t go alone. Ask Hubby to drive me there so that BAILEYS can roll in my arms.
  • Make sure the play pen is in position and ready for when we get back, with some snugly bedding in position, in the place where it will always be.

Things to take

  • Towels in case of accidents such as car sickness for puppies.
  • CASH!

Things to ask

  • Details of what BAILEYS is currently being fed and when. Most breeders will provide you with some food to get you started.
  • Many breeders also provide information on grooming and general care.
  • Details of BAILEYS’s worming schedule, vaccinations, certificates and any other health treatments it may have received.
  • Check whether BAILEYS has micro-chipped.
  • Many breeders offer free insurance for the first few weeks.
  • A receipt for the money you pay.

In the car

  • If BAILEYS is sick in the car, don’t panic. Many young puppies vomit in cars until they get used to the experience.”


7 Weeks (19.01.13) b


7 Weeks (19.01.13) c


Bringing home a NEW PUPPY is truly one of life’s joys.

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