Ah ha! Mummy said there will be hunks and babes coming over to see me. Is that so?

Or all aunties and uncles? Hmmm..

Just in time, they somehow organized a Chinese Reunion Friend’s Gathering Dinner at our place. So all of them would come at one go.

Mummy introduced me with more HUMAN first. Where’s the DOGGIES friends?

Daddy's HugMorning hugz from Daddy!

LidyaOur first visitor, Aunty Lidya.

JerryOur second visitor, Uncle Jerry.

JackOur third visitor, Uncle Jack.

Still have many more but they didn’t come and play with me.

Play tug with JerryI love Uncle Jerry that will play tug with me.

TUGTUG   Is this so called tug of war? I LOVE IT.


mummy hugzA hugz from Mummy really ends my day today.

Good Night!

Every once in a while

A dog enters your life

And changes everything

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