Week 3 – The CHOICE

Yipee!! Mummy got a mail from Uncle Hubert from Hubsville. This means our fate to be together will be closer.

By the way, I’m abit disappointed as Mummy actually wanted a sable white female pup. But our kind Uncle Hubert offered me to her that if she is not interested in dog showing, why not considered the Colour-Headed White (CHW). To their ignorance, they do not know what is CHWs and thought that I will be different from other sable white shelties in terms of health.

What do you mean by I’m a CHW? It is primarily white dog with a coloured head of any of the allowed colours and this can happen only when both parents have white factoring. There is also another similar colour which have more whites on them that is the Double Merle White which can only happen when two merles are bred together. But it should not be confused with the CHWs. Even though both of them have more whites, the genetics are different. CHWs are perfectly normal, unlike double merles which most likely will have vision and hearing problems.

After knowing more about me, they have reconsidered it and said why not.

And Daddy loves me being unique.

3 Weeks (07.03.13) b 3 Weeks (07.03.13)This is me.

Do you know why Mummy named me “Myers”?

Because other than her most favourite drink “Baileys”, Myers’s Rum is also her top 3 in her drinking list. Alcoholic? Don’t tell Mummy I said that. She’s just love those drinks. That’s it.

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I’m the type of girl you love.