The most easiest to start off is CHICKEN. It is the most convenience meat to buy from supermarket. But Mummy didn’t buy the whole chicken. She just bought chicken breast and chicken wings.



I’m too skinny during that time so Mummy said she need to pump me up by giving me 5% of the ideal adult weight (etc. 5% of 10kg = 500g per day). That’s sound alot but it’s OK because I’m still growing. I love RAW.  She will split it to 2 meals; breakfast and dinner.

16 Weeks (17.03.13) 14

See!  I didn’t bluff you. Super Duper Skinny.

During that time, the freezer storage was super limited and Mummy could only buy 4 days supplies. Very tedious and hectic. So Daddy and Mummy decided to buy a stand alone fridge, just for my food. YIPEE!!

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