Week 8 – The next chapter of life

Early in the morning, Aunty Leny showered me and did some basic grooming like cutting nails, ear tipping and trimming of paw pad. What is the BIG day today? Let me guess!! Is Grandpapa holding private party? Special guests are coming? I doubt so.


My pawrents are going to pick me home today. That’s why I need to look pretty and smell nice. What a wonderful day!

Tick Tock Tick Tock!!

(Source: stanford.edu)

Ding Dong!!

(Source: buildingabrand.com)

The door bell has just rang. Have they arrived? I’m so excited. 

(Source: myenglishimages.com)

Happy Happy!! My Grandpapa definitely miss me. I promise. I will be a very GOOD GIRL.

8 Weeks (07.04.13) 2Wow!! This is my new home. There are 5 family members here who are my new pawrents, Isabel and Charmaine (the 2 human sisters) and Baileys (the big furbrother).

8 Weeks (07.04.13) 1Mummy had initially wanted to do toilet training for me but because of Baileys, they changed their plan. In order for me to learn toilet training, they need to put me in a small and enclosed area so that I could follow my scent to pee correctly. But there is only one toilet in the living room and I got to share with Baileys. Hence, it was unfair to lock him up with me to an enclosed area. Ding Ding!! They had come out with a temporary plan to put me in the kitchen until I learned where to pee poo. That’s a brilliant idea.

8 Weeks (10.04.13) 1I love this red pillow. That suit me.

Good night!

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