Uncle Ashboi, the Schnauzer

Daddy brought somebody home. Who’s that? What’s that? Why are we different?

SAM_2598His name is Ashboi.

He’s black in colour, unlike us. Mummy said he is another type of breed called ‘Schnauzer’. We looked totally different whether in build, size or colour.

SAM_2586What is Schnauzer?

Let’s google it. Based on the Professor Wiki, they are originated in Germany and the name comes from the German word for ‘snout’, due to their distinctively bearded snout. They are classified under the terrier-type family which consists of 3 breeds: the Giant, Standard and Miniature. Aunty Cindy (Ashboi’s Mummy) said he is considered the Standard Schnauzer which is under the group of working dogs. In the past, they had been used to catch rats, used as a guard dog, carried messages in times of war, assisted the Red Cross and also been police dogs.

SAM_2590 SAM_2591How about their temperamental?

According to the Professor Wiki, they are friendly and loving and can get along well with children provided they are raised and socialized properly and correctly. Because of their protective and energetic behaviour, they will tend to alert the family members to any potential danger. Due to their alertness, they makes an excellent watchdog but the disadvantage part is their watchful nature can lead to persistent barking. How to overcome this in order not to annoy the neighbours? The pawrents should make every single effort to curb the excessive barking through positive training. – REMEMBER: NO NO TO CONTACT AND VERBAL PUNISHMENT. – Wiki Wiki said that this breed is of above average intelligence and can be independent minded, hence early training and diverse daily exercise would help.

SAM_2595How about their appearance?

Let’s find out more. They have distinctive beards and long, feathery eyebrows. They are either a salt and pepper colour, brown (not common), black or white. Like us, they also have double coat. Their top or guard coat is wiry and thick while the undercoat is soft. Unlike us, they shed lesser than most dogs. Even though they shed lesser but they are not hypo-allergenic. Based on Doctor Wiki, the allergies are caused by dander, which can be controlled by feeding a higher quality diet and frequent grooming.

SAM_2592Baileys:”I love down stay.”

Myers:”What’s that? Treats Treats Treats!!!”

SAM_2593Mummy:”Are you all ready to hold for 1 minute?”

YES! We can do it.



Today is our SPECIAL day. We have our Teacher Chan’s shelties to celebrate with our graduation day.

SAM_2498Our graduation standee.

SAM_2494Our SENIOR, Juliet.

SAM_2568Our SENIORS, Romeo & Juliet.

SAM_2495 SAM_2496Opps! What’s HUGO doing?

SAM_2510Daddy is practising RECALL with us but he got to run first.

SAM_2516SAM_2512Teacher Chan is putting the graduation cap on HUGO.

SAM_2514SAM_2515SAM_2518Hugo:”Wow! I LOVE Stella & Chewy’s.”

SAM_2520This is what R&M usually do. LOOK at their FOCUS.

SAM_2523SAM_2529SAM_2531Mummy:”Let mummy help you.”

SAM_2533Mummy:”Good Boyyy..

SAM_2536Our HAPPY day!

SAM_2539Taking photo with our Teacher Chan.

SAM_2540Hugo:”I’m soooo HAPPY. Finally got to rest at home.”

SAM_2541SAM_2542SAM_2544I’m ready to JUMP.

SAM_2545SAM_2546SAM_2552SAM_2553SAM_2556Can you see my teeth?


Mummy:”Our DARLINGS has grown up.”

SAM_2572 SAM_2570


Lesson 4

Time really flies. Today is our 4th lesson. We still have 2 more lessons to go.

What are we learning today?


Mummy didn’t take photo of this BUT she has brought 2 mats home for us to practice.


Our SHELTIE’S bonding time again.



Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.

The Green Corridor

What else Mummy & Daddy could do on the labour day?

Our 1st ever trekking at The Green Corridor.

The current KTM Railway Land has retain as a The Green Corridor after the train operations ceased. It refers to several plots of land; Tanjong Pagar, Kranji, Woodlands and Bukit Timah, the two main lines of track, the Woodlands – Tanjong Pagar and Jurong lines and other small disconnected stretches. It is almost three times the size of the Botanical Gardens.

The-Green-Corridor-2 The-Green-Corridor-3The MAP

IMG_2116Charmaine:”So HOT & BRIGHT!”

IMG_2118Myers:”Small Jie Jie! Don’t worry. Even though I cannot cover the sunlight for you, but I can walk with you.”

IMG_2114Baileys:”I have to check out this NEW PLACE first.”

IMG_2121Myers:”Me too.”

IMG_2112Myers:”Wow!! GREEN GREEN GREEN!”

IMG_2110Baileys:”LOVE this new place. Green grass, brown woods, joggers, bicycles, doggie friends…”

IMG_2125Mummy:”WATER time!”

IMG_2128Myers:”WAIT FOR ME!”

IMG_2130Baileys:”Daddy is too FAST.”

IMG_2132Myers:”Catching up soon. STAY THERE!”

IMG_2134Charmaine:”Can we go home now?”

IMG_2135Charmaine:”What are they doing? Are we walking back to the car?”

Daddy:”Let’s go home.”