The Green Corridor

What else Mummy & Daddy could do on the labour day?

Our 1st ever trekking at The Green Corridor.

The current KTM Railway Land has retain as a The Green Corridor after the train operations ceased. It refers to several plots of land; Tanjong Pagar, Kranji, Woodlands and Bukit Timah, the two main lines of track, the Woodlands – Tanjong Pagar and Jurong lines and other small disconnected stretches. It is almost three times the size of the Botanical Gardens.

The-Green-Corridor-2 The-Green-Corridor-3The MAP

IMG_2116Charmaine:”So HOT & BRIGHT!”

IMG_2118Myers:”Small Jie Jie! Don’t worry. Even though I cannot cover the sunlight for you, but I can walk with you.”

IMG_2114Baileys:”I have to check out this NEW PLACE first.”

IMG_2121Myers:”Me too.”

IMG_2112Myers:”Wow!! GREEN GREEN GREEN!”

IMG_2110Baileys:”LOVE this new place. Green grass, brown woods, joggers, bicycles, doggie friends…”

IMG_2125Mummy:”WATER time!”

IMG_2128Myers:”WAIT FOR ME!”

IMG_2130Baileys:”Daddy is too FAST.”

IMG_2132Myers:”Catching up soon. STAY THERE!”

IMG_2134Charmaine:”Can we go home now?”

IMG_2135Charmaine:”What are they doing? Are we walking back to the car?”

Daddy:”Let’s go home.”



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