Lesson 8

We always got excited and look forward to our next class.

Singapore Botanic Gardens (新加坡植物园) is bordered by Holland Road and Napier Road to the south, Cluny Road to the east, Tyersall Avenue and Cluny Park Road to the west and Bukit Timah Road to the North.

botanical garden(Source: Google Image)

What are we learning today?


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Lesson 7

After a month, we got to go training again. This time round is an outdoor training. It helps us to manage all kinds of SOUND, SIGHT, PEOPLE & OTHER NEW THINGS that you cannot imagine. We got the chance to experience different training venues.

Our first training area is at ONE NORTH PARK. It is a community park that located in the northern zone of one-north, near the MOE at Buona Vista.

one-northpark(Source: Google Image)

What are we going to learn today?


Unfortunately, no photos again.

The joy of learning.

FIRST pork knuckle brushing!!

Mummy said chewing bones can benefit our health and also keep our teeth clean. There are many different types of bones out there. Which one is actually the right one?

(Bear in mind, please do not leave your furkids alone when chewing any types of bones.)

Avoid bones which splinter such as cooked weight bearing bones like poultry, beef and lamb.  Although our stomach are strong enough to dissolve most of the bones but they can easily splinter and be passed indigestible into the intestine. Worse, it will cause death.

For us , mummy always gave us knuckle bones which are found at the end of the long bones and it contains cartilage over the ends which is naturally mend for our teeth and also encourage us to chew. These bones are softer than tooth enamel. On top of that, it provides calcium, minerals, roughage and firmness to the stool. But too much bone may cause white, hard stools and constipation.

This video was our FIRST pork knuckle brushing.

Other than using knuckles bone, we need other types of bones to brush our teeth as different bones mend for different areas. As you noticed, it cannot really brush the inner side of our teeth. Hence, mummy has to learn more on bones.


The FIRST DOG RUN @ Bishan

Our very first dog run at Bishan dog park. So Green! So Amazing! This is the only place where we can officially run freely without leash BUT our pawrents still have to look out on us just in case any dog fights occurred or we accidentally ran out the gates even though there are two.

SAM_2794 SAM_2795 SAM_2796 SAM_2797 SAM_2798 SAM_3278 SAM_3281 SAM_3282

Life is amazing with you.