Today, we have our FIRST swim at Mutts & Mittens which is based at Pasir Ris Farmway 2. Mummy said that a first experience must be good so that it will not frighten us to swim in future. One of the best thing here is the swimming pool is strictly by appointment. Another word ‘private’. That’s why Mummy chose here.


Swimming not only benefit to humans but it also serve the same purpose to us. Swimming involves the use of almost all the muscles required for movement, without the concussive stresses of walking or running. And, because water resistance is much greater than that of air, the muscles have to work harder.

As much fun as swimming can be, it’s important to remember that we – just like humans – can drown. So our pawrents have to keep an eye on us just in case we need their help.

Before we get started, she need to bring a big bag to put our big towels, their extra clothes (just in case) and our vaccination cert (only in M&M, so that’s why ‘private’ comes in place). They do provide us life jackets but my Mummy was so kiasu (afraid to lose out in hokkien), she had borrowed it from our Teacher Chan. Hopefully, all things are in order.


SAM_3177Myers:”Mummy, I don’t really like.”

SAM_3178Baileys:”Me too.”

SAM_3179Isabel:”What’s happened to you! So emo!”

SAM_3180Isabel:”Let’s try again.”

SAM_3181Myers:”Scared the hell out of me.”

SAM_3182Myers:”Save me.”

SAM_3183Myers:”Baileys, I don’t think we enjoy that.”

SAM_3184Baileys:”YES. Totally agree.”

SAM_3185Daddy:”Come on. You can do it.”

SAM_3186Baileys:”We still love chasing.”

SAM_3187Myers:”My biological sister, Miko.”

SAM_3188Charmaine:”Miko is so small and cute.”

SAM_3189Baileys:”I love to meet new friends.”

SAM_3190Myers:”I hate to see Baileys plays with other female dog.”

SAM_3191Myers:”Don’t run. Play with me.”

SAM_3175Mummy:”Myers! Well done!”

SAM_3176Daddy: Why you keep on flapping the water?”

We don’t really like it. Scared the hell out of us. All water went into our ear.  So irritating! But our mummy enjoyed that.

Life is better when you’re swimming.

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