The Boss in the house, Danger

Who is this handsome little fella?

IMG_4119His name is Danger, also described as Dangerous, according to Mummy and Daddy.

He’s my Dad. My real furdad.

Really! No wonder you two look alike.

We must be thankful to Uncle Hubert that he allowed my pawrents to borrow him for staycation with us. That’s cool.

Where should we go?

IMG_4178Our 1st stop is at Bishan Park, outside McDonald. Nice view and environment.

We have to stay here till our pawrents finished their delicious and yet we can’t taste it meal. Poor thing.

While they are eating, let’s take some photographs for our handsome boss.

IMG_4114  IMG_4173He’s gorgeous. Am I right?

IMG_4175My turn.

IMG_4172I also want to take too. Don’t forget about me.

IMG_4179You see Daddy is still drinking his Coke. So slow of him.

IMG_4189Do you think we look alike?

Yeah! Let’s proceed to the Dog Run Park. This is Danger’s first time visiting here. That must be great for him. At here, we can run and walk freely as this is an enclosed fenced up area just only for dogs. But most importantly, we must be alert to our pawrents’ call over. Why? Because they have the most delicious baked pork loin in their treat bag. HAHA!!

IMG_4194 IMG_4200 IMG_4201 IMG_4202 IMG_4203 IMG_4204Our recall is quite good today but there’s still room of improvement. Work harder. We realised that Danger loves to mark every single poles and will explore the whole entire park by sniffing the side fence. Will he feel tired as he don’t just sniff one round?

Other than us, Hugo and his Daddy are also joining us. What a good day!

IMG_4207Danger:”This is my son too.”

We have been here for almost 3 hours since 5pm. It’s about time. We got to go home before the sunset.

 SAM_4101Let’s have some aircon first.

SAM_4104 SAM_4105SAM_4112The boss just love to lie there without moving.

SAM_4107We can see that he’s getting sleepy.

SAM_4108Half way there!


SAM_4110Opps! He noticed we are watching him.

After a tiring day, let’s have some good night sleep.

IMG_4216The boss, Danger, and the little Myers are on bed. Guess where am I?

Good Night! My Love!


Today is our BIG DAY. Our final round to ADULT.

Where are we now?

Bishan Dog Run Park is located at Bishan Park.

bishan park bishan dog runSAM_4010SAM_4013SAM_4014SAM_4016SAM_4017SAM_4018SAM_4019 SAM_4020SAM_4021SAM_4022 SAM_4023SAM_4027 SAM_4028SAM_4029SAM_4031 SAM_4003 SAM_4004 SAM_4005 SAM_4006 SAM_4007 SAM_4008 SAM_4009SAM_4033 SAM_4032



To A Special Teacher,
Michelle Chan

For your patience and caring, kind words and sharing, I just want to say “Thank You”.
We are fortunate to have you as our BM’s mentor for the past 12 lessons and you will always be their mentor through their entire life. Thank you for taking the time to listen and to care. We will not forget what you have taught us and will continue to TRAIN them, PAMPER them and LOVE them.
Tomorrow will be the brand new day for BM without a passionate and loving teacher.

“The BEST teachers teach from the HEART, not from the book.”

Don’t stop learning.


HortPark is located in the South-Western part of Singapore.This place is good for recreational, education-related, research and retail activities. It also serves as the gardening hub that provide gardening information. On top of that, this park connector is easily accessible for visitors to travel around Kent Ridge Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park and Mount Faber Park with ease and convenience by the use of both elevated walkways and connecting bridges.


We were not alone. We had met Robby and Hugo for evening trail. What can I say about this place? Well. This is a dog-friendly place to visit for those who wanted to bring their babies for walk.

21411_10153154072635691_1214485861_n 1157615_10153154064025691_129914303_n 1150225_10153154061635691_2005359763_n539646_10153154076270691_1744269866_n 554943_10153154073105691_1857633184_n 935899_10153154075965691_508246191_n 946367_10153154061210691_2031031404_n 996574_10153154065670691_164294426_n 998915_10153154060765691_389081498_n 998936_10153154060935691_1718889847_n 1150919_10153154067040691_855474127_n 1170818_10153154071690691_497946234_n

Along the way, we saw other doggies friends. Yes. This place is definitely a dog-friendly place. (Sorry to emphasize that again)

Let’s have our water break!

1150838_10153154067670691_1976454865_n 1146521_10153154071215691_213288585_n 1000940_10153154063460691_1433648983_n 999110_10153154068055691_86184273_n 998086_10153154059070691_544767699_n 998066_10153154071005691_797170355_n 945809_10153154067340691_171826289_n 972360_10153154068410691_220934457_n 993668_10153154066050691_622737540_n


Yahooooo!!! Let’s continue.

1170837_10153154059620691_2109679977_n 1148808_10153154064725691_1407770828_n 1003509_10153154060180691_823396104_n 1003522_10153154059460691_1026308777_n 1006316_10153154063165691_547823570_n 1146533_10153154059920691_680090547_n 1146718_10153154064455691_1470506505_n 1003217_10153154062390691_675438364_n 548973_10153154061990691_991964834_n 536932_10153154062740691_1998084392_n 12992_10153154060495691_1193261809_n


Let’s find a good spot for group photo shot!

971407_10153154068655691_1989625140_n1150322_10153154072270691_1301314402_n 1149003_10153154058890691_357448824_n (1) 1098143_10153154073420691_1587737201_n 1002503_10153154074345691_1919607215_n 12973_10153154074800691_1320401849_n


Finally, we got one BETTER shot after so many NG.


 I may not be perfect, but my dog loves me.


Power Puff Girls -Muffin, Truffles & Buttercup

Today is the eve of National Day. We went to our favourite place again with the PPG before we moved on to swim at K9. NICE!


After a heavy pour this morning, the floor was super duper wet and muddy. Mummy said we got to swim later so is fine. We just need to rinse away the mud before we entered the pool. Do not make the pool dirty!

IMG_3644IMG_3690IMG_3695IMG_3707IMG_3710IMG_3721IMG_3725IMG_3742IMG_3788IMG_3773Who is Hugo playing with? We really can’t recognize which PPG.

IMG_3804 IMG_3815 IMG_3784Is this Truffles?

IMG_3821 IMG_3823Is this Muffins or Buttercup?

IMG_3830Is this Truffles or Buttercup?

IMG_3792IMG_3838 IMG_3799

We got to head to K9 for swimming.

SAM_3842 SAM_3846


We had not even swim, we had already wet and now we were in our dreamland.

See you all at K9.

Life is precious.

The Punggol Waterway

Punggol Waterway Park is a waterway park located in Punggol, Singapore, along Sentul Crescent Road. It consists of four themed areas; Nature Cove, Recreation Zone,  Heritage Zone and Green Gallery. Each area is designated to cater to different users of the park. The Punggol Waterway Park and My Waterway @ Punggol are joint agency projects between HDB and NPB. The Waterway runs through the Punggol Waterway Park, and both serve to increase park and water frontage for the housing estate and provide a green respite for residents.

6321241051_d1a0bf80ac_z (Source: Google Image)

Mummy:”Let’s get going.”

SAM_2698Mummy:”Come on! Just one look!”

SAM_2699Baileys:”Daddy! My mouth is widely open. Why you took so long to reward me?”

SAM_2701Myers:”What’s that with 2 wheels?”

SAM_2702Myers:”Mummy! There’s lot of millipedes here. Get going!”

SAM_2703Daddy:”Well done! Baileys! Good Job!.”

SAM_2705Isabel:”Mummy is training little Myers. You see.. The boy scared to walk passed them.”

SAM_2706Isabel:”This is ME. Today I’m the camera girl.”

SAM_2707Myers:”What’s that?”

SAM_2708Isabel:”Wow! So many people behind. Die! Myers definitely can’t make it.”

SAM_2710Mummy:”Good Girl.”

SAM_2712Myers:”Mummy! The treats didn’t work. Joggers have higher value than your treats.”

SAM_2715Myers:”Where are you mummy?”

SAM_2717Myers:”We are on the bridge now.”

SAM_2718Myers:”Big Jie Jie! I love your legs. Can I nibble?”

SAM_2719Daddy:”What are you smelling at? Millipede?”

SAM_2720Daddy:”Hey Boy! Entangle again?”

SAM_2721Baileys:”My view is different from you, Mummy?”

SAM_2722Daddy:”SIT. Well done.”

SAM_2723Myers:”Wow! There’s water below. Can I swim?”

SAM_2724Myers:”Smell fresh.”

SAM_2725Myers:”What’s ahead?”

SAM_2726Mummy:”Resting time!”

SAM_2727Baileys:”Nice view.”

SAM_2728Myers:”Mummy! Can we walk the opposite? I love LEGS!”

SAM_2729Myers:”Still looking.”

SAM_2731Myers:”I’m totally flat.”

SAM_2730Mummy:”Why your fur so messy? Must do some brushing with you.”

SAM_2733Myers:”This is MINE.”

SAM_2734Daddy:”Water time.”

SAM_2736Myers:”Hmmm!! I still need water.”

SAM_2737Isabel:”How come you still lying down on floor?”

SAM_2738Myers: Big Jie Jie! You don’t understand.”

SAM_2739Myers:”This is the most delicious thing I ever had.”

SAM_2740Myers:”The taste still inside my mouth. Hmmm!!”

SAM_2741Myers:”Can I have some more?”

SAM_2742Myers:”Thank you, Mummy. LOVE YOU.”

SAM_2743Baileys:”I only got to lick the water from the floor. Sob Sob”

SAM_2744Mummy:”OK! Let’s go home. Before that, one last BEST shot by our model BAILEYS.”



Discover your world

and then

with all your heart

give yourself to it










Lesson 9

Our lesson today is at The Green Corridor.

the green corridor(Source: Google Image)

What are we learning today?


Teacher Chan reminded us that we need to bring HARNESS and LONG LEASH for trekking purpose. It is for them to differentiate when is the correct time to be allowed to pull leas

long leash    15ft long leash

SAM_3583SAM_3584SAM_3585 SAM_3587 SAM_3588 SAM_3589 SAM_3590 SAM_3591SAM_3592 SAM_3594 SAM_3595SAM_3596SAM_3597 SAM_3598 SAM_3599SAM_3602 SAM_3603 SAM_3604 SAM_3578 SAM_3580 SAM_3581 SAM_3582



Learning is a gift.