The Punggol Waterway

Punggol Waterway Park is a waterway park located in Punggol, Singapore, along Sentul Crescent Road. It consists of four themed areas; Nature Cove, Recreation Zone,  Heritage Zone and Green Gallery. Each area is designated to cater to different users of the park. The Punggol Waterway Park and My Waterway @ Punggol are joint agency projects between HDB and NPB. The Waterway runs through the Punggol Waterway Park, and both serve to increase park and water frontage for the housing estate and provide a green respite for residents.

6321241051_d1a0bf80ac_z (Source: Google Image)

Mummy:”Let’s get going.”

SAM_2698Mummy:”Come on! Just one look!”

SAM_2699Baileys:”Daddy! My mouth is widely open. Why you took so long to reward me?”

SAM_2701Myers:”What’s that with 2 wheels?”

SAM_2702Myers:”Mummy! There’s lot of millipedes here. Get going!”

SAM_2703Daddy:”Well done! Baileys! Good Job!.”

SAM_2705Isabel:”Mummy is training little Myers. You see.. The boy scared to walk passed them.”

SAM_2706Isabel:”This is ME. Today I’m the camera girl.”

SAM_2707Myers:”What’s that?”

SAM_2708Isabel:”Wow! So many people behind. Die! Myers definitely can’t make it.”

SAM_2710Mummy:”Good Girl.”

SAM_2712Myers:”Mummy! The treats didn’t work. Joggers have higher value than your treats.”

SAM_2715Myers:”Where are you mummy?”

SAM_2717Myers:”We are on the bridge now.”

SAM_2718Myers:”Big Jie Jie! I love your legs. Can I nibble?”

SAM_2719Daddy:”What are you smelling at? Millipede?”

SAM_2720Daddy:”Hey Boy! Entangle again?”

SAM_2721Baileys:”My view is different from you, Mummy?”

SAM_2722Daddy:”SIT. Well done.”

SAM_2723Myers:”Wow! There’s water below. Can I swim?”

SAM_2724Myers:”Smell fresh.”

SAM_2725Myers:”What’s ahead?”

SAM_2726Mummy:”Resting time!”

SAM_2727Baileys:”Nice view.”

SAM_2728Myers:”Mummy! Can we walk the opposite? I love LEGS!”

SAM_2729Myers:”Still looking.”

SAM_2731Myers:”I’m totally flat.”

SAM_2730Mummy:”Why your fur so messy? Must do some brushing with you.”

SAM_2733Myers:”This is MINE.”

SAM_2734Daddy:”Water time.”

SAM_2736Myers:”Hmmm!! I still need water.”

SAM_2737Isabel:”How come you still lying down on floor?”

SAM_2738Myers: Big Jie Jie! You don’t understand.”

SAM_2739Myers:”This is the most delicious thing I ever had.”

SAM_2740Myers:”The taste still inside my mouth. Hmmm!!”

SAM_2741Myers:”Can I have some more?”

SAM_2742Myers:”Thank you, Mummy. LOVE YOU.”

SAM_2743Baileys:”I only got to lick the water from the floor. Sob Sob”

SAM_2744Mummy:”OK! Let’s go home. Before that, one last BEST shot by our model BAILEYS.”



Discover your world

and then

with all your heart

give yourself to it










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