Power Puff Girls -Muffin, Truffles & Buttercup

Today is the eve of National Day. We went to our favourite place again with the PPG before we moved on to swim at K9. NICE!


After a heavy pour this morning, the floor was super duper wet and muddy. Mummy said we got to swim later so is fine. We just need to rinse away the mud before we entered the pool. Do not make the pool dirty!

IMG_3644IMG_3690IMG_3695IMG_3707IMG_3710IMG_3721IMG_3725IMG_3742IMG_3788IMG_3773Who is Hugo playing with? We really can’t recognize which PPG.

IMG_3804 IMG_3815 IMG_3784Is this Truffles?

IMG_3821 IMG_3823Is this Muffins or Buttercup?

IMG_3830Is this Truffles or Buttercup?

IMG_3792IMG_3838 IMG_3799

We got to head to K9 for swimming.

SAM_3842 SAM_3846


We had not even swim, we had already wet and now we were in our dreamland.

See you all at K9.

Life is precious.