The Boss in the house, Danger

Who is this handsome little fella?

IMG_4119His name is Danger, also described as Dangerous, according to Mummy and Daddy.

He’s my Dad. My real furdad.

Really! No wonder you two look alike.

We must be thankful to Uncle Hubert that he allowed my pawrents to borrow him for staycation with us. That’s cool.

Where should we go?

IMG_4178Our 1st stop is at Bishan Park, outside McDonald. Nice view and environment.

We have to stay here till our pawrents finished their delicious and yet we can’t taste it meal. Poor thing.

While they are eating, let’s take some photographs for our handsome boss.

IMG_4114  IMG_4173He’s gorgeous. Am I right?

IMG_4175My turn.

IMG_4172I also want to take too. Don’t forget about me.

IMG_4179You see Daddy is still drinking his Coke. So slow of him.

IMG_4189Do you think we look alike?

Yeah! Let’s proceed to the Dog Run Park. This is Danger’s first time visiting here. That must be great for him. At here, we can run and walk freely as this is an enclosed fenced up area just only for dogs. But most importantly, we must be alert to our pawrents’ call over. Why? Because they have the most delicious baked pork loin in their treat bag. HAHA!!

IMG_4194 IMG_4200 IMG_4201 IMG_4202 IMG_4203 IMG_4204Our recall is quite good today but there’s still room of improvement. Work harder. We realised that Danger loves to mark every single poles and will explore the whole entire park by sniffing the side fence. Will he feel tired as he don’t just sniff one round?

Other than us, Hugo and his Daddy are also joining us. What a good day!

IMG_4207Danger:”This is my son too.”

We have been here for almost 3 hours since 5pm. It’s about time. We got to go home before the sunset.

 SAM_4101Let’s have some aircon first.

SAM_4104 SAM_4105SAM_4112The boss just love to lie there without moving.

SAM_4107We can see that he’s getting sleepy.

SAM_4108Half way there!


SAM_4110Opps! He noticed we are watching him.

After a tiring day, let’s have some good night sleep.

IMG_4216The boss, Danger, and the little Myers are on bed. Guess where am I?

Good Night! My Love!