Kent Ridge Park

Kent Ridge Park (肯特岗公园) is located in western Singapore, between the NUS and the Science Centre. Due to its undisturbed habitat and abundant plant life, it is a popular venue for bird watchers and tourists.


ZZZzzzz… Sleepy… Mummy! You really want to walk?

IMG_4658Mummy! Can you see my eyes are closing?

IMG_4662Come on chap! It is 8am now. We should get going. I LOVE the winds here and birds chirping.

IMG_4663Check out this NEW PLACE first before we move on.

IMG_4676Daddy! Are you falling asleep in no more than 5 seconds? WAKE UP! WAKE UP!

IMG_4677Let’s get a better shot.

IMG_4680What’s that on my LEFT? Is that my another furry friend?

IMG_4682YUMMY! I love BBA (Beef, Berries & Apple).

IMG_4687Mummy! Do you like our side view?

IMG_4694Am I falling asleep again?

IMG_4692Mummy:”Finally her top white coat is coming out.”

IMG_4707I need WATER.

IMG_4716YES. I need WATER too.

IMG_4718Am I getting OLD? I need to rest.

IMG_4748Mummy:”Look at his alertness. What is he looking at?”

IMG_4750Don’t worry! There’s no other doggie friends here. Don’t need to do counter-conditioning to me now. RELAX!!!

IMG_4754I see running kids.

IMG_4757Baileys! Don’t block me.

IMG_4758There’s BALL too. I LOVE BALLS.

IMG_4759Am I learning to do herd? Kids or Sheep?

IMG_4760Don’t worry. Mummy. I’m just watching.

woof woof woofOOOO WOoooo

Mummy:”Let’s go home. Before that let’s see their ADORABLE faces again.”

the nice

ONE sheltie is not enough.