Beach Bikini Babes

Wow!!! Beach!!! Plenty of water to lick lick lick!! Can I lick the whole sea?images (Source: Google Image)

Early in the morning 10am, rain or shine, Mummy brought us to the Tanjong Beach at Sentosa, an island right off the South Coast of Singapore, to meet our MiCher and her babies.


This is our first time here. It is a very beautiful place to hang out. We saw many other BIG dogs playing, chasing and swimming. We really love it. This is the place where you can see dogs and their pawrents around and also not very crowded. Guess why? It was a Monday morning where everybody else were still busily working in front of the BIG BLACK BOX. What can I say? We were considered LUCKY?


After a big pour, the weather here was gorgeous and the temperature of the water was delightful. It was a great day to spend during our Mummy and Daddy’s off day.

IMG_4791A bunch of good friends.

IMG_4787Salty but nice.

IMG_4770Sorry, I just love swimming.

IMG_4781Wow!! Got special treats from MiCher.

IMG_4792IMG_4793 IMG_4794RUN RUN RUN.

IMG_4796 IMG_4797Don’t go!

IMG_4799I love sands.

IMG_4802Do you know how I feel now?

IMG_4809The man on the beach, Romeo.

IMG_4810IMG_4813I cán’t control myself to start loving here.

IMG_4806The family of 4.

IMG_4811I love rolling into the sand.

IMG_4812IMG_4814 baileys beachLove the wave.

IMG_4769Daddy:”It’s time to go home now.”

IMG_4818When can we come back again?


We just love swimming.

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