Night walking @ Botanical Garden

We had done our day walking at Botanical Garden. Let’s start with our night walk here too.

What a great view and environment during night! Let’s enjoy to the fullest.

During this wonderful night, we must meet those wonderful shelties to go along with. Who else was going? Uncle Romeo, Aunty JuJu, Brother Hugo, Princess Precious and a new friend Fugon.

Again.. It was a muddy night after few days of heavy pouring.

There was not many people around although there was one couple who said SHHhhhh to me when I barked. Why? Can’t I use this method to communicate with my mum or friends? Are you jealous?

Nehhh.. They just don’t understand us. Too bad.

IMG_5602 IMG_5603

Mummy was trying her best to adjust her camera settings for night photo shot but she didn’t have the right equipment to do that. Too bad!!

IMG_5610 - CopyThis is our new friend, Fugon. Handsome boy.

Finally, let’s have our group photo after a 45 mins walk and 10 mins camera setting adjustment.


Shelties are like flowers, better in bunches!

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