Punggol Promenade Nature Walk

It had been awhile for not posting any photos here. Don’t worry! My mum did bring us out, just that she forgot to bring her DSLR to any of the outings since the last post.

Today is another muddy day. Our initial plan was to go to our favourite spot at Bishan Dog Run to meet other doggies friends but ended up we got to see grasses and river near our estate. What a BAD DAY!!

Mummy said that she wanted to try out this so called NEW PLACE as we didn’t even been here before even though it was a 5 mins drive from our home. What a SHAME of us!

This so called NEW PLACE was at Punggol Promenade Nature Walk which is located at Punggol end, along Sentul Crescent Road. It is a 2.4 km nature walk, the middle section of Punggol Promenade that lies between Punggol Point Walk and Riverside Walk.

IMG_5641IMG_5644This place has not fully developed until 31 January 2014.

From here, we can see Palau Ubin and the Straits of Johor on an elevated, ship-inspired viewing deck.


Punggol Point Walk allows us to enjoy the greenery and biodiversity flourishing along the coast.

Let’s start our trail!

IMG_5640 IMG_5642 IMG_5643 IMG_5645 IMG_5646 IMG_5650 IMG_5656 IMG_5657 IMG_5659 IMG_5663 IMG_5667 IMG_5670 IMG_5676 IMG_5677IMG_5682IMG_5688IMG_5690 IMG_5693 IMG_5702 IMG_5709 IMG_5712 IMG_5720 IMG_5721 IMG_5722IMG_5726IMG_5731 IMG_5739IMG_5746IMG_5747IMG_5762 IMG_5791

What a beautiful night!

Home Sweet Home!

Life is better with a dog.

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