Vibrant Pets – Canine Athlete

Another supplement that you MUST TRY is Vibrant Pets Canine Athlete. It improves the overall performance levels, joint & muscle and skin & coat.


Especially for those who join agility or any sports related programs as well as those highly active family dogs, you must try this awesome product as it protects their joints and muscles from high impact activities.


A well protected and good maintenance of overall skin and coat are important for those who participate in conformation show. In order to make it better and blossom, you must try this as it enhances the coat and skin condition and also reduces itchy skin.

SAM_3318A sensitive stomach is a very uncomfortable thing to them. In order to help them, this product may relieve their uncomfortable stomach issues and also boost their immune system.

Neither sports related activities nor conformation show for both Baileys and Myers, this product will still help them in another way. They are considered super active and love to run around at dog park, I believe this product may somehow protect their joints and muscles. At the same time, I also love fluffy and big coat so I have faith in this magnificent product as it will help me to fulfil my goal.

I have been giving Baileys and Myers since Sep 2013. Based on the photos below, you may really see the differences, especially Myers.

SAM_3614This was taken before giving the Canine Athlete in Sep 2013.

In 3 months time,

IMG_5503she has really grown. Do you notice her coat? Big and Fluffly!!

How about Baileys?

SAM_3618This was taken before giving the Canine Athlete in Sep 2013.

In another 3 months time,

IMG_5561his coat has started to fill in and make him look charming.

In order to see the end result, you must be discipline to feed them daily with the correct dosage and wait patiently for the best result. I do believe everything itself will have their side effect even though they are healthy or natural products. By overfeeding them, it may not help anything but otherwise, it may worsen the overall health. Do follow the recommended dosage behind the package or consult the experts.

It is in a powder form so for me, I will sprinkle 1 spoon (based on their given spoon in the package) on their raw dinner everyday.

IMG_5507 IMG_5524

Good day to be AWESOME.

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