One Week Staycation

My Bossy Daddy is staying over for a week before his big show with my mommy on 1 Dec 2013 at Bishan CC. He has to bond with my mommy at least a week before he could really show out his hidden talents.

He is a Grand Champion in the states. Even though, he has not been to the show ring for 2 years, we believe it is not difficult for him to be another Champion in Singapore. Let’s work it out for him.

DangerWell! We do remember when he first came here. He was reserved towards strangers and had totally ignored any recalls from anybody in the house. He would just run away if any humans came closer to him. He don’t play with us and always love to rest on the couch. So that’s why we named him “the boss” and “sofa boy”.

IMG_6501This is the third time he has stayed over with us. He is now more open up toward us and of course to our pawrents. In this short week, we can see that he has improved day by day and especially the recalls part. Patient is the key word.

IMG_6458To my surprise, he will play toy tugging and catching with me after the fifth day here.


IMG_6467I love to accompany my bossy danger whenever he comes over here.

IMG_6482What are you looking at? I’m in shock. He actually knows how to play toy too.

IMG_6488Of Course. What are we? Shelties love to play.

IMG_6508Sniff Sniff! 

IMG_6521Danger:”I LOVE to play with you all but I’m too shy to do that. I’m not used to it. Please bear with me for few days.”

IMG_6525Bossy Danger! Come chase me!

IMG_6523Danger:”Wait! My ear is very itchy. Let me scratch first.”

IMG_6517Danger:”Yeh! I LOVE to play fetching.”

IMG_6549 IMG_6551Danger:”Hehe.. Is there any food that I can eat?”

IMG_6444Danger:”I would LOVE to join in but I do not know how and where to start.”

After a short week, we definitely have embarked a strong memories and feeling in our heart towards him. Especially our pawrents. They will be SUPER miss him.

IMG_6432Bossy Daddy, we will MISS YOU.IMG_6436Last but not least, let me show you my charming face before we end here.