My FIRST official jump

As usual, we have our Sunday morning walk today. Mummy has added one special training for me is to be able to walk through the crowded coffee shop and supermarket. We have been doing this for two weeks and I am in the midst of training with super low crowd at the wee hour. Today, I’m able to walk through it with 25% crowd at the coffee shop and supermarket. We only practised that for 2 rounds then we will proceed back to our garden walk.

Baileys 15.12.13While we are still walking at the neighbourhood garden at level 2, we pass this exercise corner. Not surprise for me. Mummy has immediately added another new training specially for me. There is this super low bar and it is an acceptable height for me to practice my first jump even though is not the requirement height for agility. Mummy has been waiting for a full year to start my official basic jump today. With zero agility experience, we do not know how to start a jump with command so Mummy uses treats to lure me to jump over the bar but I couldn’t get her intention. After a few tries, I still couldn’t get it. Then Mummy just give up the luring part by jumping over the bar once herself. Ting Ting!! With a split second, I understand and immediately jump over beside her. Since then, I’m able to jump over without her showing me. After the 5th jump, Mummy added the command ‘JUMP’ in between my bar jumping. At the 8th jump, I’m able to listen the command and jump. I love this bar jumping. Why? 1 jump = Buffet Time! 10 jumps = BIG TIMES! We didn’t continue after the 10th jump as Mummy said that not to be too rush and take one step at a time.


What a lazy afternoon!

December is a wet day in Singapore but fortunately today is a beautiful day. It is good for chasing and playing on the green and glossy grass, but windy enough to blow us away. Hehe..


Mummy has decided to bring us back to the Gardens by the bay today but who knows, the dark clouds have moved toward the South, as usual during this period. We drive all the way there but we didn’t get the chance to alight due to all the thunderstorms and lightning flashing above us. Due to our home stay for many days, we have noticed that the sunshine will only shine in the morning and the rain will come in the afternoon. By the way, we normally got the chance to go out only in the late afternoon (no hot sun).

In the end, we drive all the way back to our home to tour around at the neighbourhood garden. So sad!!

1489241_741591785868344_1681794850_n 1479520_741591789201677_1079466714_n 604048_741591779201678_1072080538_nEven the floor here is also wet. And the thunderstorm and lightning are coming back again.

1488240_741593082534881_1384594432_n 1483185_741594065868116_1820112039_nBut we are still very fortunate and blessed that we can have a very short walk (even though is really a very very short walk but better than nothing) before the rain comes.

We are looking forward to the next season.