Little Buddy in the house

Our little buddy, Hershey Choco Boy.


He came over to our house for a few hours that day while his mom was away for school activities. He is our favourite boy and we always went out with him almost twice a week. He is also Myers’ nephew (Peaches -> Jingles -> Hershey).

PicsArt_1398560304596Wherever we go, we must stick together.


Just like this photo, we must always take together.


You never fail to see us together.


He loves this spot a lot. Maybe he was just getting ready to go in.

PicsArt_1399391975234His mom was finally back. We always show our love to her. ALWAYS.

PicsArt_1398560469577He is just like a loaf of bread.

See who’s coming over!

Our special guest today.


This is Danger who is also Myers’ daddy. Our mom was out the whole afternoon to groom this handsome boy at the breeder’s house for the preparation of the “Meet The Breed” session at the Discover Dogs event at Singapore Expo tomorrow. (Stay tune for more photos tomorrow) Danger has a unique face compared to the other shelties. It is the right choice for him to be the representative of our own breed.

2Why is he ignoring me?

2My love to him. My Daddy.

3He is the king of the house, aka Sofa Boy.

Fotor081622062Let’s play hide and seek. Danger!