Strolling at East Coast Park

This was our second time here to have our weekly leisure walk at East Coast Park. It was quite winding here despite of coming later at 10 am than the usual time of 8 am. There were so many joggers, fast walkers, cyclists, roller bladders, running children, strollers, dogs and many many more.

Before we began, FOCUS WORK is very important. Look at her FIRST before doing anything I like.

IMG_8747 IMG_8745

Let’s go.

IMG_8748After 1 km of walk, there were two strolling dogs coming towards us. Before I got the chance to spot them, my mom had detoured to another side of the road to prepare my dog-dog conditioning training.



My mom will act like a treat dispensing machine after I spotted any dogs around until I am able to look away from them.


When I am able to look away from them, I will start to train my DRI. But before that, my mom has to make sure that there will be no reaction from me other than the 3 seconds stare.


This is what I mean. Looking away from the triggers, I got my yum yum.


Mom loves when I walk beside her. Plus I got my yum yum after every auto look back and will get random treats when doing loose leash walking.

IMG_8796 IMG_8790 IMG_8787

We will stop half way to have my beautiful shot. O ya. Dad was the photographer during the whole journey. Not bad, RIGHT?

IMG_8753We came to stop by at this jetty where people will do fishing here. This was fun by sticking my head out to enjoy the breeze.


I need this after so many yum yum entering my mouth without any sip of water.


Again another shot in the middle of this jetty. I was not stress when I stuck out my tongue in this photo. This was taken after drinking water.

IMG_8768It was about time to walk back. This time round there was another Black Labrador coming from our back. What else can we do? Mom will be her usual self. Treat dispenser. What about me? I just accepted whatever she gave me.


Continuous FOCUS is a MUST. This FOCUS training will NEVER EVER END.

IMG_8794 IMG_8802I must say THANK YOU to my dad. He really can take nice photos but all settings were done by my mom. HEHE..




– Baileys

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