Rock Hopping


Rock climbing is a human physically and mentally demanding sports which create strength, endurance, agility and balance along with mental control.

For me, instead of doing rock climbing, we do rock hopping. Mum brings me to hop on every rocks around the neighbourhood. It also creates my strength and balance so that I am able to stand still on them.


Balance on mountain stone


Balance on the 2 rocks


Play bow on 2 rocks


Balance on rock


2 on 2 off


Balance on mushroom stone


It ended with a big smile.

A memorable week


Mommy and Daddy had a hard time that day. I still remembered it was on a Monday, 3 August 2015. They had never carried that rotten feeling when travelling from home to vet. Even though it is indeed a small operation, so called sterilization, they felt very uncomfortable. For me, I didn’t know anything. I just followed them. Maybe my Mom was too comical. She almost cried out when she handed me over to Dr Lee. I guessed Dr Lee noticed that and that’s why she had given her 5 minutes extra to reconsider.

[Benefits of Steralization:

  • Reduce the risk of certain types of cancer that can be terminal.
  • Eliminate undesirable behaviours like spraying, marking and fighting (of course, this need to be trained too even after neutering).
  • Not developing the uterine infection called, “Pyometra”, which occurs commonly among older, unspayed dogs and cats. Pyometra is a life threatening disease.
  • Prevent unwanted breeding. ]

Final conclusion, Mommy had decided at 12pm .

According to the vet tech, I had awaken at 4pm and started to make some barking sound for awareness.

At 7 pm, I can be discharged. Before leaving the place, I had left a goodbye souvenir for the vet by marking at the entrance door.

Right after

What a moody face!

After 10 hrs

Feel so tired.


After 28 hrs

Still in pain.


After 2 days

My FIRST jump!


After 3 days

Able to play!


After 4 days

Healing fast!


After 5 days

Asking for fetch or tug!


After a week 1

Finally I’m out.

Mommy brought me out on the day 7 walking from Robertson Quay to Clarke Quay with my buddy H.

After a week 2

And I took some individual shot.

After a week 4

And we ended our walk with healthy breakfast at one of the cafe (forget the name) at Robertson Quay which is a dog friendly place.

After a week 3


Raw Duck Leg for Baileys’ 1st Birthday

I got new type of meat today on my first birthday.

Guess what?

DUCK LEGIt’s a Duck Leg. Awesome!!

As usual, I need to SIT and STAY FOCUS before I allowed to taste it.

IMG_6324I must be patient. The duck leg eventually is mine.

IMG_6328Since today is a special day, I got MORE MORE WORK to do. Say Cheese!!

IMG_6349Ok. This is how a Duck Leg looks like. Nothing really special. Almost the same like Chicken Drumstick to me.

IMG_6352Mummy loves my focus and endurance. Keep it up!!

IMG_6337Mummy:”Come closer, Boy!”

IMG_6335Not again. How long must I wait? I have been sitting here and there for more than 5 mins.

IMG_6345My hunger has gone. There’s more FUN outside.

8Finally I got my first taste of it. It tastes just like chicken but with a slightly strong flavour.

Now is my little Myers’ turn to do whatever my mummy loves to see.

4My endurance is definitely better than my big brother. See!!

5Not bad right. My little trick is “HOLD YOUR BREATH”, so you can’t smell the foooooood.

IMG_6371Another 1 min of holding time. I have to work till the end.

9Yum Yum Yum!!





First encounter on lamb ear

This is our first experience munching the lamb ear. Based on mummy’s research, these lamb ears are made 100% natural and free range. They are high in Protein and make a tasty snack treat. It is delicious and appetizing.

IMG_6271 IMG_6288By looking at my pictures, it can tell you that I’m very enjoyable chewing it. By the way, this is better than chewing the table’s leg. It tastes much better.

IMG_6275 IMG_6307Never thought of the taste of lamb ear. Is it tasty or tasteless? We shall see.

IMG_6317 IMG_6294Danger:”Yummy! Taste nicer but I forgot whether I have had it before.”

Heavenly Treats.

Baileys’ FIRST Barkdae Pawtee

What’s so special today?

Early in the morning, we have asked for focus to mummy’s big camera before treating us. What’s wrong, man? Nehhh!!! Is ok!! I LOVE those dehydrated pears.

IMG_6178Mummy:”Let’s go kids! We got to fetch Danger from Grandpapa’s house to the pawty area.”

IMG_6213By the way, this is Danger. We call him “BOSS”.



Our pawrents have coincided with Hugo’s pawrents to organize a barkday pawty session for us today.

Heres come the birthday boys.

1459985_10153476025910034_528993901_nLet me introduce you. This is my handsome little buddy. We have been playing and attending puppy classes together since we were 4 months old. Time really flies. We are turning 1 year old in a few days time.


1474401_10153476030490034_1588028477_nMummy always has this weird idea. She put a blue checker bow tie on me. What’s that for? For our barkday pawty?? Do I look handsome or funny with that? Hmm!! Don’t really can see that with so many furs on it.

Here comes the pawrents.

1463952_10153476029390034_1279099588_nAunty Trina (Hugo’s mummy) is the pawty deco designer today. She has drawn out those big black labels and decorated some of the walls with our names on it. A mini barkday photo booth is also her idea for those who wanted to bring back memories from us. So sweet of her!

Uncle Robby will be our photographer today and he is also the birthday boy, Hugo’s daddy. All his photos are awesome and beautiful. Do enjoy it while you are browsing. Thanks Uncle Robby!

1400729_10153476025935034_1668506640_oThis is my daddy. He will be our guardian today as mummy will be busily helping out the event.

1397837_10153476029620034_1486572154_o (1)Both mummies are taking the best shots with the birthday boys.

Let’s get started.

The barkday event is kicking off at Paw Pet-Radise Cafe from 12.30 pm to 3 pm and the cutting cake session will be around 2.30 pm. However, the bosses of the cafe (Vivian and Hui Jing) have extended our timing to 3.30 pm out of their goodwill. This pet-friendly cafe is small but is a nice gathering place for our furry little fellas. If you got chance, go check it out.

1403701_10153476030245034_268276822_oDon’t misunderstand, the menu on the board is for human. This is our mini snack bar corner for dogs’ consumption. There are dehydrated carrots, pumpkin and chicken fillets (made from my mummy) and lamb’s ear and hooves (from Aunty Trina).

Here comes our guests.

524582_10153476027680034_1429515735_nShe is my little sister, Myers. Not really a guest. As you can see, she is enjoying her little session with the yummy treats. By the way, nobody has given it to her. She has just stolen it by chance. Why? Aunty Janice has accidentally dropped the treats bottle and here comes the little Myers.

885291_10153476026515034_1930508761_oThis lady who is having her yummy potato chips dip is Aunty Lynn. She is Loukas and Messi’s mummy. Behind her is Fidele. His mummy, Karen, is sitting opposite them. Maybe Aunty Lynn has something sweet on her so that’s explained why he is there.

936026_10153476026555034_693144841_nThis is Governess Juliet. Why do we always call her “GOVERNESS”? She has her own teaching methods to correct those naughty pups. She was also once Myers’ little lecturer.

965434_10153476031785034_837427389_oWho is this little cute puppy? His name is Hershey. The youngest in the house today. His size don’t really seem like he is 4 months old.

966437_10153476026020034_59163015_oPrecious is one of our outing buddies. She’s sweet and will chase together with us. We will always meet out for any outdoor activities like trekking, garden walking, night walking and swimming.

1401683_10153476027465034_1380748551_oThis is Loukas. My mummy always love to see his sweet little face. He is older than me but I’m bigger in size than him.

1417606_10153476026650034_1676593953_oBeside Governess Juliet is Romeo. They are our little master as their mummy is our lifetime lecturer, Teacher Michelle. She has really guided us and helped us along the way since the day I had my first raw. When was it? 3 months old? I guess so. Why do I say so? She will be able to answer all kinds of difficult questions (to us is difficult) from us in an understandable form, be it diet, behaviour modification, training and many more that you cannot imagine. One word for her, AWESOME.

1452183_10153476028335034_219595091_nThis is Harley the Golden Retriever. I have not seen him for very long time since we graduated from our puppy class 2. That was in August. She has grown up so big but still very playful.

1452249_10153476028865034_1401927147_nThis is Messi. He is the biggest in size in the house. My daddy loves his big bone and big coat. We call him “BIG BEAR BEAR”.

1454802_10153476026260034_249624555_nShe is Myers’ biological sister, Miko. She is the smallest in size in the house. She loves to cuddle up with her mummy and stay on couch throughout the whole event.

1467381_10153476027230034_540528305_nThis is Danger. Not really a guest. By the way, he is the father of Hugo (the birthday boy), Myers and Miko. So sweet that Hugo’s biological dad can attend his 1st barkday. (Photo as below.)

THE CHILDThe family.

Here comes the candid shots.

524674_10153476029285034_1670043783_n 964290_10153476028690034_996359305_o 1398329_10153476028040034_82303194_o 1400318_10153476030600034_632053480_o 1401341_10153476027970034_2004269427_o 1402250_10153476025635034_839089712_o 1410806_10153476028110034_2044247200_o 1410901_10153476027630034_511299307_o 1424305_10153476027545034_47645781_n 1424438_10153476026965034_1609946248_n 1425282_10153476028765034_779590534_o 1453556_10153476025560034_1187464879_n 1455201_10153476027770034_2139569966_n 1465302_10153476030305034_1596180615_n 1465326_10153476026850034_185123060_n 1473061_10153476028215034_1866617119_n 1476472_10153476028445034_291271075_n 1476557_10153476028615034_445518331_n IMG_6193Let’s get ready to our mini photo shoots at our mini photo booth.

1399636_10153476030615034_509513040_o 1401606_10153476031055034_692450475_o 1421142_10153476030845034_73082382_oteacher chan

Finally our group photos.

1403231_10153476030940034_271194310_oBig happy family cum mini shelties gathering.

 I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all my furry friends’ ‘pawrents to use their busy time to be part of our memory of the happiest moments.

Thank you Teacher Michelle, Aunty Lynn & her hubby, Aunty Janice, Ginger’s mummy, Uncle Ian, Aunty Elim, Aunty Karen, Uncle Wee Boon and of course Uncle Robby and Aunty Trina.

Hope you all have enjoy the sweet moments with us.

My FIRST birthday present

I’m going to turn 1 in another week time. But today I have received my very FIRST birthday present from Uncle Robby.

1Blue ribbon = Cute

2Let me snif snif! See what’s inside.

3Mummy said take photo first before I start tearing off my present.

4Wow! What’s this? Ohhh!! It is not treats.

5Even though it is not my favourite treats (btw this can’t be eaten), it is definitely my mummy’s favourite toy to play with.

6ME! Happy Boy!

7This is mummy’s favourite photo. Say cheese…

You are the sunshine that makes my day.

Cotton Shredder!!

Oh! Oh! What are we going to do when mummy and daddy are back?

Are we going to hide somewhere? We better don’t welcome them home.

OMG! Who’s fault is this?

Do you still need to mention it? Ask yourself?

I’m not alone. You are part of it too.

I’m not the starter.


Daddy:”WOW! What happened?”

Mummy:”OMG! Who’s that?”  – After a long tiring day, this was what I saw when I reached home. Congrats to me!! LOL!!