Week 8 – The next chapter of life

Early in the morning, Aunty Leny showered me and did some basic grooming like cutting nails, ear tipping and trimming of paw pad. What is the BIG day today? Let me guess!! Is Grandpapa holding private party? Special guests are coming? I doubt so.


My pawrents are going to pick me home today. That’s why I need to look pretty and smell nice. What a wonderful day!

Tick Tock Tick Tock!!

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Ding Dong!!

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The door bell has just rang. Have they arrived? I’m so excited. 

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Happy Happy!! My Grandpapa definitely miss me. I promise. I will be a very GOOD GIRL.

8 Weeks (07.04.13) 2Wow!! This is my new home. There are 5 family members here who are my new pawrents, Isabel and Charmaine (the 2 human sisters) and Baileys (the big furbrother).

8 Weeks (07.04.13) 1Mummy had initially wanted to do toilet training for me but because of Baileys, they changed their plan. In order for me to learn toilet training, they need to put me in a small and enclosed area so that I could follow my scent to pee correctly. But there is only one toilet in the living room and I got to share with Baileys. Hence, it was unfair to lock him up with me to an enclosed area. Ding Ding!! They had come out with a temporary plan to put me in the kitchen until I learned where to pee poo. That’s a brilliant idea.

8 Weeks (10.04.13) 1I love this red pillow. That suit me.

Good night!

Week 7 – One more week to home!

One more week to go!! I’m very enthusiastic and eager to go to my new home in another week time.

7 Weeks (29.03.13) cToday, Mummy and Daddy brought a jie jie here to visit me. She’s Isabel jie jie. 

7 Weeks (29.03.13) aShe’s the big sister in the house.

7 Weeks (29.03.13) bMummy wanted to take as many photos as possible so that she can keep track of my growing stages. She wanted to be involved in every bits and pieces of my life.

7 Weeks (29.03.13) dShe also wanted to know how far and how big have I grown up to. As you can see, I’m just a furball.


I love to jump.
I love to nip legs.
I love to chase.
I love to bite.
I love to jump on bed.

But all these, Mummy just don’t like. WHY? This is ME!

Wow!  What is Mummy doing? Is she playing with me? I can see her hand swinging in front of me.




Why Mummy’s face is so black? Is she angry with me? Does I do anything wrong?


Hmmmm… There’s something on the floor. Yummy!!  It’s treats. A!! Mummy is throwing treats on the floor while saying OFF. OK. Once I heard OFF, I will go down the bed and got the treats.

Week 3 – The CHOICE

Yipee!! Mummy got a mail from Uncle Hubert from Hubsville. This means our fate to be together will be closer.

By the way, I’m abit disappointed as Mummy actually wanted a sable white female pup. But our kind Uncle Hubert offered me to her that if she is not interested in dog showing, why not considered the Colour-Headed White (CHW). To their ignorance, they do not know what is CHWs and thought that I will be different from other sable white shelties in terms of health.

What do you mean by I’m a CHW? It is primarily white dog with a coloured head of any of the allowed colours and this can happen only when both parents have white factoring. There is also another similar colour which have more whites on them that is the Double Merle White which can only happen when two merles are bred together. But it should not be confused with the CHWs. Even though both of them have more whites, the genetics are different. CHWs are perfectly normal, unlike double merles which most likely will have vision and hearing problems.

After knowing more about me, they have reconsidered it and said why not.

And Daddy loves me being unique.

3 Weeks (07.03.13) b 3 Weeks (07.03.13)This is me.

Do you know why Mummy named me “Myers”?

Because other than her most favourite drink “Baileys”, Myers’s Rum is also her top 3 in her drinking list. Alcoholic? Don’t tell Mummy I said that. She’s just love those drinks. That’s it.

download (1)

I’m the type of girl you love.


All along I’m sleeping in the living room with the BIG fan blowing in front of me but I don’t like to be left alone. Mummy has finally allowed me to access their room to sleep. I MUST behave or else…..

12 Weeks (03.03.13) fGot my squeaky toy and my favourite towel with me to sleep.

Mummy always say “Sleep”. Then I have to SHHHhhhhhhh!!!

12 Weeks (03.03.13)Good night and sleep tight.. I’m at my la la land.

My sunshine doesn’t come from the skies, it comes from the LOVE in my dog’s eyes.


Mummy said I look very weird with both of my ears standing up. I don’t look like a typical shelties. Is that so?

Let’s see.



Mummy wanted to tip my ear at the age of 11 weeks old. Hopefully it is not late.

All I need is this tipping glue.


And I will become like this.


That’s better. Mummy don’t like standing up ears.

Money can buy you a fine dog. But only LOVE can make him wag his tail.