First encounter on lamb ear

This is our first experience munching the lamb ear. Based on mummy’s research, these lamb ears are made 100% natural and free range. They are high in Protein and make a tasty snack treat. It is delicious and appetizing.

IMG_6271 IMG_6288By looking at my pictures, it can tell you that I’m very enjoyable chewing it. By the way, this is better than chewing the table’s leg. It tastes much better.

IMG_6275 IMG_6307Never thought of the taste of lamb ear. Is it tasty or tasteless? We shall see.

IMG_6317 IMG_6294Danger:”Yummy! Taste nicer but I forgot whether I have had it before.”

Heavenly Treats.

Cotton Shredder!!

Oh! Oh! What are we going to do when mummy and daddy are back?

Are we going to hide somewhere? We better don’t welcome them home.

OMG! Who’s fault is this?

Do you still need to mention it? Ask yourself?

I’m not alone. You are part of it too.

I’m not the starter.


Daddy:”WOW! What happened?”

Mummy:”OMG! Who’s that?”  – After a long tiring day, this was what I saw when I reached home. Congrats to me!! LOL!!