Little Buddy in the house

Our little buddy, Hershey Choco Boy.


He came over to our house for a few hours that day while his mom was away for school activities. He is our favourite boy and we always went out with him almost twice a week. He is also Myers’ nephew (Peaches -> Jingles -> Hershey).

PicsArt_1398560304596Wherever we go, we must stick together.


Just like this photo, we must always take together.


You never fail to see us together.


He loves this spot a lot. Maybe he was just getting ready to go in.

PicsArt_1399391975234His mom was finally back. We always show our love to her. ALWAYS.

PicsArt_1398560469577He is just like a loaf of bread.

See who’s coming over!

Our special guest today.


This is Danger who is also Myers’ daddy. Our mom was out the whole afternoon to groom this handsome boy at the breeder’s house for the preparation of the “Meet The Breed” session at the Discover Dogs event at Singapore Expo tomorrow. (Stay tune for more photos tomorrow) Danger has a unique face compared to the other shelties. It is the right choice for him to be the representative of our own breed.

2Why is he ignoring me?

2My love to him. My Daddy.

3He is the king of the house, aka Sofa Boy.

Fotor081622062Let’s play hide and seek. Danger!

One Week Staycation

My Bossy Daddy is staying over for a week before his big show with my mommy on 1 Dec 2013 at Bishan CC. He has to bond with my mommy at least a week before he could really show out his hidden talents.

He is a Grand Champion in the states. Even though, he has not been to the show ring for 2 years, we believe it is not difficult for him to be another Champion in Singapore. Let’s work it out for him.

DangerWell! We do remember when he first came here. He was reserved towards strangers and had totally ignored any recalls from anybody in the house. He would just run away if any humans came closer to him. He don’t play with us and always love to rest on the couch. So that’s why we named him “the boss” and “sofa boy”.

IMG_6501This is the third time he has stayed over with us. He is now more open up toward us and of course to our pawrents. In this short week, we can see that he has improved day by day and especially the recalls part. Patient is the key word.

IMG_6458To my surprise, he will play toy tugging and catching with me after the fifth day here.


IMG_6467I love to accompany my bossy danger whenever he comes over here.

IMG_6482What are you looking at? I’m in shock. He actually knows how to play toy too.

IMG_6488Of Course. What are we? Shelties love to play.

IMG_6508Sniff Sniff! 

IMG_6521Danger:”I LOVE to play with you all but I’m too shy to do that. I’m not used to it. Please bear with me for few days.”

IMG_6525Bossy Danger! Come chase me!

IMG_6523Danger:”Wait! My ear is very itchy. Let me scratch first.”

IMG_6517Danger:”Yeh! I LOVE to play fetching.”

IMG_6549 IMG_6551Danger:”Hehe.. Is there any food that I can eat?”

IMG_6444Danger:”I would LOVE to join in but I do not know how and where to start.”

After a short week, we definitely have embarked a strong memories and feeling in our heart towards him. Especially our pawrents. They will be SUPER miss him.

IMG_6432Bossy Daddy, we will MISS YOU.IMG_6436Last but not least, let me show you my charming face before we end here.


A day with little Miko

Little Miko is coming to our house due to her Uncle is getting married today so her mummy won’t be able to look after her. On top of that, it benefits us to build up our socialization to a more advance level. Like what? The same word “Socialize”. Haha..

Before that, mummy had brought us out for a morning walk at Punggol Point. According to mummy’s saying, it is to lower down our hyperactive energy level so that we will not too excited when seeing little Miko.

Get ready! She will be here at 1.15pm.

knock knock


Knock! Knock!

Apologize Dog I am sorry cartoon

(Source: goofyequalshappiness)

Sorry! We can’t open the door. Our mummy and daddy had gone out to fetch our big Isabel sister. Be patient!


(Source: travelblog.portfoliocollection)

Finally, they are back. But they have come back with little Miko.

IMG_6067IMG_5956She is so shy.

IMG_5946The Jealousy and Flirtation.

IMG_5975Little Miko in the house.

IMG_5967The queen in the house.

IMG_6058The man in the house.

IMG_6041They moved like flowers..

IMG_5980 IMG_5982Cushion lover.

IMG_6017We just heard barking sound from the big box.

IMG_6024Little Miko found her way to the toys.

IMG_6028IMG_6047IMG_6048She loves to pose. Say cheese!

IMG_6055The jealousy one will not give any chance to little Miko.

IMG_6059 IMG_6061The Sisterhood empower the whole house.

IMG_6062 IMG_6064Myers wanted mummy’s attention so she will be good in taking photoshoot today.

Last but not least. The duo photos will be presented here.

IMG_6005 IMG_5983IMG_6000The man always keep still.

It’s time to go home, Miko. Bye Bye, see you next round!

The Boss in the house, Danger

Who is this handsome little fella?

IMG_4119His name is Danger, also described as Dangerous, according to Mummy and Daddy.

He’s my Dad. My real furdad.

Really! No wonder you two look alike.

We must be thankful to Uncle Hubert that he allowed my pawrents to borrow him for staycation with us. That’s cool.

Where should we go?

IMG_4178Our 1st stop is at Bishan Park, outside McDonald. Nice view and environment.

We have to stay here till our pawrents finished their delicious and yet we can’t taste it meal. Poor thing.

While they are eating, let’s take some photographs for our handsome boss.

IMG_4114  IMG_4173He’s gorgeous. Am I right?

IMG_4175My turn.

IMG_4172I also want to take too. Don’t forget about me.

IMG_4179You see Daddy is still drinking his Coke. So slow of him.

IMG_4189Do you think we look alike?

Yeah! Let’s proceed to the Dog Run Park. This is Danger’s first time visiting here. That must be great for him. At here, we can run and walk freely as this is an enclosed fenced up area just only for dogs. But most importantly, we must be alert to our pawrents’ call over. Why? Because they have the most delicious baked pork loin in their treat bag. HAHA!!

IMG_4194 IMG_4200 IMG_4201 IMG_4202 IMG_4203 IMG_4204Our recall is quite good today but there’s still room of improvement. Work harder. We realised that Danger loves to mark every single poles and will explore the whole entire park by sniffing the side fence. Will he feel tired as he don’t just sniff one round?

Other than us, Hugo and his Daddy are also joining us. What a good day!

IMG_4207Danger:”This is my son too.”

We have been here for almost 3 hours since 5pm. It’s about time. We got to go home before the sunset.

 SAM_4101Let’s have some aircon first.

SAM_4104 SAM_4105SAM_4112The boss just love to lie there without moving.

SAM_4107We can see that he’s getting sleepy.

SAM_4108Half way there!


SAM_4110Opps! He noticed we are watching him.

After a tiring day, let’s have some good night sleep.

IMG_4216The boss, Danger, and the little Myers are on bed. Guess where am I?

Good Night! My Love!

Uncle Ashboi, the Schnauzer

Daddy brought somebody home. Who’s that? What’s that? Why are we different?

SAM_2598His name is Ashboi.

He’s black in colour, unlike us. Mummy said he is another type of breed called ‘Schnauzer’. We looked totally different whether in build, size or colour.

SAM_2586What is Schnauzer?

Let’s google it. Based on the Professor Wiki, they are originated in Germany and the name comes from the German word for ‘snout’, due to their distinctively bearded snout. They are classified under the terrier-type family which consists of 3 breeds: the Giant, Standard and Miniature. Aunty Cindy (Ashboi’s Mummy) said he is considered the Standard Schnauzer which is under the group of working dogs. In the past, they had been used to catch rats, used as a guard dog, carried messages in times of war, assisted the Red Cross and also been police dogs.

SAM_2590 SAM_2591How about their temperamental?

According to the Professor Wiki, they are friendly and loving and can get along well with children provided they are raised and socialized properly and correctly. Because of their protective and energetic behaviour, they will tend to alert the family members to any potential danger. Due to their alertness, they makes an excellent watchdog but the disadvantage part is their watchful nature can lead to persistent barking. How to overcome this in order not to annoy the neighbours? The pawrents should make every single effort to curb the excessive barking through positive training. – REMEMBER: NO NO TO CONTACT AND VERBAL PUNISHMENT. – Wiki Wiki said that this breed is of above average intelligence and can be independent minded, hence early training and diverse daily exercise would help.

SAM_2595How about their appearance?

Let’s find out more. They have distinctive beards and long, feathery eyebrows. They are either a salt and pepper colour, brown (not common), black or white. Like us, they also have double coat. Their top or guard coat is wiry and thick while the undercoat is soft. Unlike us, they shed lesser than most dogs. Even though they shed lesser but they are not hypo-allergenic. Based on Doctor Wiki, the allergies are caused by dander, which can be controlled by feeding a higher quality diet and frequent grooming.

SAM_2592Baileys:”I love down stay.”

Myers:”What’s that? Treats Treats Treats!!!”

SAM_2593Mummy:”Are you all ready to hold for 1 minute?”

YES! We can do it.