Desensitization with slow walking people

I am very sensitive to any movements at sight. The initial stage is spot the trigger, alert, lunge, bark and the last but not least, bite. In short, I have movement reactivity. To my experience, the best way to overcome this is to use counter-conditioning then later on pair with desensitization. What you mean by counter-conditioning? It is basically a classical conditioning which pairs the triggers that will produce unpleasant response with something pleasant. In my case, we use YUMMY TREATS to pair with the triggers. Beside this, distance and intensity are also another important part of this training. That is why desensitization kicks in. The goal is to expose me to a low level trigger which will evoke the unwanted response in certain situation, and then gradually closing up the distance and slowly increase the intensity of the stimulus. This has to be done by my own pace so that none of the unwanted behaviours will occur.

How do I start? Firstly is to locate the trigger, make plan and train at a safety distance. In my case, since I am reactive to moving things, I will start with human first as Mommy does not want me to bite at any human being accidentally. She will pick an odd hour (such as 7am during the weekday) for me to watch at people who is standing still, then followed by slow walking people and then normal walking people.

auntie watchToday, I will just watch at slow walking auntie.

The best is to train at one stimulus at one time in one day. In order to be more effective, keep the training session short like 15 mins. In between, you can have a short break so that I could redirect the focus from the stimulus in order to rest my mind.

See you in the next session with me.

– Myers

My FIRST official jump

As usual, we have our Sunday morning walk today. Mummy has added one special training for me is to be able to walk through the crowded coffee shop and supermarket. We have been doing this for two weeks and I am in the midst of training with super low crowd at the wee hour. Today, I’m able to walk through it with 25% crowd at the coffee shop and supermarket. We only practised that for 2 rounds then we will proceed back to our garden walk.

Baileys 15.12.13While we are still walking at the neighbourhood garden at level 2, we pass this exercise corner. Not surprise for me. Mummy has immediately added another new training specially for me. There is this super low bar and it is an acceptable height for me to practice my first jump even though is not the requirement height for agility. Mummy has been waiting for a full year to start my official basic jump today. With zero agility experience, we do not know how to start a jump with command so Mummy uses treats to lure me to jump over the bar but I couldn’t get her intention. After a few tries, I still couldn’t get it. Then Mummy just give up the luring part by jumping over the bar once herself. Ting Ting!! With a split second, I understand and immediately jump over beside her. Since then, I’m able to jump over without her showing me. After the 5th jump, Mummy added the command ‘JUMP’ in between my bar jumping. At the 8th jump, I’m able to listen the command and jump. I love this bar jumping. Why? 1 jump = Buffet Time! 10 jumps = BIG TIMES! We didn’t continue after the 10th jump as Mummy said that not to be too rush and take one step at a time.



Today is our BIG DAY. Our final round to ADULT.

Where are we now?

Bishan Dog Run Park is located at Bishan Park.

bishan park bishan dog runSAM_4010SAM_4013SAM_4014SAM_4016SAM_4017SAM_4018SAM_4019 SAM_4020SAM_4021SAM_4022 SAM_4023SAM_4027 SAM_4028SAM_4029SAM_4031 SAM_4003 SAM_4004 SAM_4005 SAM_4006 SAM_4007 SAM_4008 SAM_4009SAM_4033 SAM_4032



To A Special Teacher,
Michelle Chan

For your patience and caring, kind words and sharing, I just want to say “Thank You”.
We are fortunate to have you as our BM’s mentor for the past 12 lessons and you will always be their mentor through their entire life. Thank you for taking the time to listen and to care. We will not forget what you have taught us and will continue to TRAIN them, PAMPER them and LOVE them.
Tomorrow will be the brand new day for BM without a passionate and loving teacher.

“The BEST teachers teach from the HEART, not from the book.”

Don’t stop learning.

Lesson 9

Our lesson today is at The Green Corridor.

the green corridor(Source: Google Image)

What are we learning today?


Teacher Chan reminded us that we need to bring HARNESS and LONG LEASH for trekking purpose. It is for them to differentiate when is the correct time to be allowed to pull leas

long leash    15ft long leash

SAM_3583SAM_3584SAM_3585 SAM_3587 SAM_3588 SAM_3589 SAM_3590 SAM_3591SAM_3592 SAM_3594 SAM_3595SAM_3596SAM_3597 SAM_3598 SAM_3599SAM_3602 SAM_3603 SAM_3604 SAM_3578 SAM_3580 SAM_3581 SAM_3582



Learning is a gift.

Lesson 8

We always got excited and look forward to our next class.

Singapore Botanic Gardens (新加坡植物园) is bordered by Holland Road and Napier Road to the south, Cluny Road to the east, Tyersall Avenue and Cluny Park Road to the west and Bukit Timah Road to the North.

botanical garden(Source: Google Image)

What are we learning today?


Unfortunately, no photos again.