Raw Duck Leg for Baileys’ 1st Birthday

I got new type of meat today on my first birthday.

Guess what?

DUCK LEGIt’s a Duck Leg. Awesome!!

As usual, I need to SIT and STAY FOCUS before I allowed to taste it.

IMG_6324I must be patient. The duck leg eventually is mine.

IMG_6328Since today is a special day, I got MORE MORE WORK to do. Say Cheese!!

IMG_6349Ok. This is how a Duck Leg looks like. Nothing really special. Almost the same like Chicken Drumstick to me.

IMG_6352Mummy loves my focus and endurance. Keep it up!!

IMG_6337Mummy:”Come closer, Boy!”

IMG_6335Not again. How long must I wait? I have been sitting here and there for more than 5 mins.

IMG_6345My hunger has gone. There’s more FUN outside.

8Finally I got my first taste of it. It tastes just like chicken but with a slightly strong flavour.

Now is my little Myers’ turn to do whatever my mummy loves to see.

4My endurance is definitely better than my big brother. See!!

5Not bad right. My little trick is “HOLD YOUR BREATH”, so you can’t smell the foooooood.

IMG_6371Another 1 min of holding time. I have to work till the end.

9Yum Yum Yum!!





FIRST pork knuckle brushing!!

Mummy said chewing bones can benefit our health and also keep our teeth clean. There are many different types of bones out there. Which one is actually the right one?

(Bear in mind, please do not leave your furkids alone when chewing any types of bones.)

Avoid bones which splinter such as cooked weight bearing bones like poultry, beef and lamb.  Although our stomach are strong enough to dissolve most of the bones but they can easily splinter and be passed indigestible into the intestine. Worse, it will cause death.

For us , mummy always gave us knuckle bones which are found at the end of the long bones and it contains cartilage over the ends which is naturally mend for our teeth and also encourage us to chew. These bones are softer than tooth enamel. On top of that, it provides calcium, minerals, roughage and firmness to the stool. But too much bone may cause white, hard stools and constipation.

This video was our FIRST pork knuckle brushing.

Other than using knuckles bone, we need other types of bones to brush our teeth as different bones mend for different areas. As you noticed, it cannot really brush the inner side of our teeth. Hence, mummy has to learn more on bones.



The most easiest to start off is CHICKEN. It is the most convenience meat to buy from supermarket. But Mummy didn’t buy the whole chicken. She just bought chicken breast and chicken wings.



I’m too skinny during that time so Mummy said she need to pump me up by giving me 5% of the ideal adult weight (etc. 5% of 10kg = 500g per day). That’s sound alot but it’s OK because I’m still growing. I love RAW.  She will split it to 2 meals; breakfast and dinner.

16 Weeks (17.03.13) 14

See!  I didn’t bluff you. Super Duper Skinny.

During that time, the freezer storage was super limited and Mummy could only buy 4 days supplies. Very tedious and hectic. So Daddy and Mummy decided to buy a stand alone fridge, just for my food. YIPEE!!


I used to eat grain free kibbles, first with Orijen Puppy then changed to Merrick. Mummy said I don’t need any grain and I do not have the digestive system to cope with grains and it might lead me to skin problem. Mummy don’t just pick any brands of kibbles from the shelf. She would definitely look at the ingredients in it and google whether there was any recalls understand the same organization. Since then, Mummy said I had a bad breath, smelly pee and poop, big poop and doggie smell.

Am I going to eat kibbles for the rest of my life? Will you eat biscuits only throughout your entire life? No WAY!

The next best thing is home made meal. But Mummy don’t really cook and don’t know which benefit me.

FINALLY she heard of RAW from one of her shelties’ owner, Aunty Lynn. So Mummy gonna check it out. Aunty Lynn referred her to Aunty Michelle who is an expert in this area. Among all diets, RAW IS THE BEST NUTRIENTS THEY HAVE EVER HAD. That’s how my RAW started.

Why RAW?

It is to feed the way mother nature intended.

It improves skin and coat, build stronger immune system, leaner body mass, improve stool volume, no more doggy odour, improve teeth, breath and oral health, better weight control, prevent health issues in future and many more.

Different animals different parts provide different nutrients so we don’t really need so many supplements.

How much?

It is based on 2% to 3% of the ideal adult weight because I’m still a puppy. If not, it should be based on current ideal weight. Every dog is different so this is just a starting point.

It consisted of 80% Meat, 10% Bone and 10% Organ (5% Liver and 5% other organ meat).

How do I start?

Just start eating RAW straight and do not need to do any transition of food. RAW and kibbles cannot mix together as it will harm to my digestive system.

It’s no secret – raw is best.