It’s time to travel with Myers

It’s time to travel with Myers

Who says that furkids can’t travel on the plane? Who says that human can’t bring their furkids along to travel? I will proof that wrong.

I’m travelling with my mom to Netherlands from 9 May 2017 to 23 May 2017 to support the Singapore Team to compete in the World Agility Open (WAO) 2017.

But before that, there are many things to prepare when travelling with dogs. The process can be either done by appointed pet travel agent or DIY. Going by pet travel agent can be costly compared to DIY. If you afraid that some procedures might miss or want to save all the documents hazard, pet travel agent will be the safest and easiest. If you want to save cost and experience it yourself, DIY will be the best.

For us is to save as much cost as possible so we have chosen DIY.

More post to come…


Myers – Report Card 2015

Our report card for 2015: Myers and I have a great improvement from the 1st to the fifth speedstake trial in 2015. Given a chance to her, she will nip me when I run beside her. This really happened during our first run back in Jul 2015. Now she knows that her job is to complete the course before getting any rewards. We have been progressed smoothly from day 1 till now. She is in the midst of learning weave and 2O2O. Hopefully, we can enrol for the jumping trial next year. We wont hurry to enrol any trials with weave and contact unless she has a solid foundation which is very important.

UKI Singapore Trial – Speedstake Beginner (19.07.15)

Prize - 19.07.2015-25
From the mom:
Today marks a special day for Myers and me. This is our first trial for speedstake and she has won 1st under the 16″ category plus she got a Q.The very first person to say MANY THANK YOU is the lady in this photo, our mentor Michelle Chan from Pup Pup ‘N’ Away. She is Myers’ teacher since she was 9 weeks old. We have never changed to other trainer before beause she is the best that I have ever met. And she is also our inspiration to join agility. (If you got the chance to see her shelties and her.) Despite my bad handling and slower ability in understanding my BM, she has never failed to help us and reply my whatsapp during the wee hours. You will never find such a person who is totally unrelated and willing to help you out of goodwill. If you got her help, you will understand me. SHE IS THE BEST.

The second person to say MANY THANK YOU is her Auntie E who is not in this photo but she has stayed throughout the whole trial with us. What can I say about her? She is like our left and right hand. In other words, she is a very important person. Without her, I won’t know much about their diets and exercise. She will tell you the consequence if something might happen. She is our nutrition cum gym consultant. Without her supplements and routine exercise, we wouldn’t make our journey here.

So they are my important person in my doggy life.

My report card on 19.07.15:
Speedstake – 1st placing Q


My FIRST official jump

As usual, we have our Sunday morning walk today. Mummy has added one special training for me is to be able to walk through the crowded coffee shop and supermarket. We have been doing this for two weeks and I am in the midst of training with super low crowd at the wee hour. Today, I’m able to walk through it with 25% crowd at the coffee shop and supermarket. We only practised that for 2 rounds then we will proceed back to our garden walk.

Baileys 15.12.13While we are still walking at the neighbourhood garden at level 2, we pass this exercise corner. Not surprise for me. Mummy has immediately added another new training specially for me. There is this super low bar and it is an acceptable height for me to practice my first jump even though is not the requirement height for agility. Mummy has been waiting for a full year to start my official basic jump today. With zero agility experience, we do not know how to start a jump with command so Mummy uses treats to lure me to jump over the bar but I couldn’t get her intention. After a few tries, I still couldn’t get it. Then Mummy just give up the luring part by jumping over the bar once herself. Ting Ting!! With a split second, I understand and immediately jump over beside her. Since then, I’m able to jump over without her showing me. After the 5th jump, Mummy added the command ‘JUMP’ in between my bar jumping. At the 8th jump, I’m able to listen the command and jump. I love this bar jumping. Why? 1 jump = Buffet Time! 10 jumps = BIG TIMES! We didn’t continue after the 10th jump as Mummy said that not to be too rush and take one step at a time.