A memorable week


Mommy and Daddy had a hard time that day. I still remembered it was on a Monday, 3 August 2015. They had never carried that rotten feeling when travelling from home to vet. Even though it is indeed a small operation, so called sterilization, they felt very uncomfortable. For me, I didn’t know anything. I just followed them. Maybe my Mom was too comical. She almost cried out when she handed me over to Dr Lee. I guessed Dr Lee noticed that and that’s why she had given her 5 minutes extra to reconsider.

[Benefits of Steralization:

  • Reduce the risk of certain types of cancer that can be terminal.
  • Eliminate undesirable behaviours like spraying, marking and fighting (of course, this need to be trained too even after neutering).
  • Not developing the uterine infection called, “Pyometra”, which occurs commonly among older, unspayed dogs and cats. Pyometra is a life threatening disease.
  • Prevent unwanted breeding. ]

Final conclusion, Mommy had decided at 12pm .

According to the vet tech, I had awaken at 4pm and started to make some barking sound for awareness.

At 7 pm, I can be discharged. Before leaving the place, I had left a goodbye souvenir for the vet by marking at the entrance door.

Right after

What a moody face!

After 10 hrs

Feel so tired.


After 28 hrs

Still in pain.


After 2 days

My FIRST jump!


After 3 days

Able to play!


After 4 days

Healing fast!


After 5 days

Asking for fetch or tug!


After a week 1

Finally I’m out.

Mommy brought me out on the day 7 walking from Robertson Quay to Clarke Quay with my buddy H.

After a week 2

And I took some individual shot.

After a week 4

And we ended our walk with healthy breakfast at one of the cafe (forget the name) at Robertson Quay which is a dog friendly place.

After a week 3



1) Anthesis

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2) Canopy

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3) Cornerstone

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4) Han’s @ Upper Thomson

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5) III Cafe  

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6) Paw Pet-radise Cafe   

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7) Roundhouse 

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8) Sun Ray Cafe  

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Anthesis Boulangerie, Bistro and Cafe

Anthesis is a cosy boulangerie, bistro and cafe nestled in Robertson Blue along Robertson Quay, serving up a wide variety of brunch and coffee. Its windy alfresco seats are decorated in a simplistic with wooden tables and metal chairs.


86 Robertson Quay #01-01 Robertson Blue Singapore 238245 Tel: 6737 9873 Operating Hours: 8.30am – 10.00pm (Closed on Monday)











We popped by in the morning after our long walk from Clarke Quay to Robertson Quay. They make the perfect atmosphere for people with dogs although they do not serve with a doggy menu. The human food prices are quite reasonable and its quality speaks up for its value. I must give it a PLUS POINT.


MUESLI (S$8.00) – Yogurt, Seasonal Food & Nuts

My Breakfast, My Way




Caramelized Banana Waffle Stack





ICED LATTE (S$11.00)

20140513_093425 20140513_092557I got some share of poached eggs from Hershey’s Mom. AWESOME.

20140513_095607 This is little Hershey with his great focus on his Mom’s plate. Hehehe…

20140513_095550 20140513_095637I always love to look away. So many little things and movements around.

– Myers

Paw Pet-radise Cafe

Cafe dogging is currently our all times favourite sport. It is not difficult. I just need to DOWN STAY and WATCH DOGS and I will got alots alots of YUM YUM. We have been doing this multiple times at our favourite spot, Paw Petradise Cafe.

1891266_781731248521064_278381772_n (1)

Tell you more about me. I have leash reactive towards dogs. How does this actually happen? After the adolescence kicked in, I was very very interested in everything around me. (eg. trees, dogs, pole, grass and etc.) Initially, I just stared at the dog but it had gradually increased the arousal level that caused me to bark and lunge at the later stage. To my inexperience mom, she had definitely missed out THE MOST IMPORTANT BODY LANGUAGE that signalled the very first move. (That’s why she is working double hard now.)

How are we going to get this started? Mommy had tried a lot of different methods like going to the dog run often or standing still like a robot waiting for me to look back at her (which I normally don’t because why should I do that when there are so many interesting things around me.) BUT she has never never given up on me. She googled it on net and came across one video on leash reactive towards dogs that leash pulling can increase arousal level and lead to aggressive barking. So we seek help from Teacher mimi. Then she realised that she had trained wrongly all the while.Teacher mimi told her that loose leash walking and leash reactivity towards dogs have to be trained separately. From then on, all the trainings started.

We had our loose leash training for 5 consecutive days without seeing any dogs (except Myers). Then followed by dog watching at Bishan Park. We didn’t walk over to the dog run. We just stayed at a corner to click for dogs.


Other than this, Aunty Elim suggested cafe dogging to see whether it helps as we can train in the controlled environment by watching dogs outside the cafe instead of going in. This is how Cafe Dogging get started. What do we normally do during our cafe dogging session? It’s simple. A DOWN STAY or SIT STAY will earn a lot of YUMMY treats. A DOWN STAY / SIT STAY + DOG WATCHING will earn a lot of YUMMY BONUS treats.



See how much I have improved in this 2 months. I’m able to do DOWN STAY + FOCUS WORK at mommy. 


Of course, I will have random SUPER HIGH VALUE SPECIAL TREATS for my desired behaviours. This is what I earned during one of our Cafe Dogging, LIVER FRUIT CAKE, from Paw Petradise Cafe.


After so many times of Cafe Dogging, this is how close I can DOWN STAY with Mia even though there is one glass door apart.


– Baileys