Fort Canning Park

It has been awhile for us to appear on screen again as keyboard to us is another part of the world so we have to wait for mommy’s free time to update our latest news.

There we go.

Early in the morning 6am, we have already awakened and don’t want to continue in our dreamland. So what else can we do beside our pawrents are snoring in their own world. Hmmm… Let’s lick them up to bring us out.

Lick Lick Lick!! Squeeze Squeeze Squeeze!! Finally they are awake. Let’s move!

Our mission has accomplished. We might visit a new place today.


The Fort Canning Park (福康宁) is a small hill slightly more than 60m high in the south east portion of the island city-state of Singapore which overlooks Orchard Road and set in the heart of the Civic and Cultural District of Singapore.

IMG_6561I will be your tour guide today. Let’s go!

IMG_6565This is Fort Canning Centre and used to be the barracks of the British Army as its headquarters of its defence bases in the 1920s in order to protect the British interests in the South East Asia. Now it has turned to the home of the Singapore Dance Theatre.

IMG_6587Let’s see which way can we go.

IMG_6570I love to be taller than you. Let you be.

IMG_6572We need to climb up here first.


Towards is the gate of fort canning. Let me have a treat first!

IMG_6610Smell something? Smell like ants.

IMG_6635IMG_6644Let’s us take a break first.

IMG_6652My BIG SMILE to all of you.

IMG_6676Can we drink water first? I’m super thirsty.

IMG_6673Me too.

IMG_6660IMG_66635 mins break from now.

Photo session again.

IMG_6720IMG_6770 hello

myers lovelife withmyersangel loveLet’s move on.

IMG_6843Is this the Raffles’House where most of the weddings hold here?

IMG_6854The view from here is awesome. I’m completely in love.

IMG_6867Daddy treats me again. Awesome!

the beauty of silentsomeone

End of tour. See you next time!