Our First Pet Cruise

Our First Pet Cruise

We had long time never been to beach to do our favourite thingy; swimming and chasing. According to our friend’s Mommy, this period is monsoon season (aka raining season) and is quite dangerous to do any activities near seaside. But we do not need to worry about it. Uncle Joe from Pet Cruise will sort these out by checking the weather, wind observations, temperature, cloud and atmospheric moisture. Fortunately, we were able to go on 30 Nov 14.

Let’s go.

10425860_955292514498269_7538572552646583191_nNeither it was hot nor cold during that day. Sound great. Wasn’t it..

10599726_955292611164926_6623387303824745782_nWe have never stopped playing and chasing before. Our legs always move.

1492746_955292584498262_7754544750743891383_oAfter a long run, we got to eat our favourite dehydrated chicken fillet. AWESOME.. If you had noticed, we were always on leash once we stepped into the boat. This was to prevent us jumping off from boat into the sea as we were too enthusiastic in swimming (this was especially referred to little Myers).

10410115_955292547831599_2296506176681353502_nOther than beach chasing, what else can we do? This was our first time and also Mom’s first time jumping off from boat to swim with us. It was 5m high. FYI, Mom’s height is only 1.58m high. THAT’S CONSIDERED A HUGH DIFFERENCE FOR A BEGINNER. No choice. She got to learn. By the way, she loved it so much that they wanted to go snorkelling one day without us. SOB SOB!!

10686713_955375837823270_826445889267235912_nWhat a short trip! 3 hrs only… We definitely will come back again.


You may check out their services and photos at https://www.facebook.com/petcruise88. 

If interested. you may contact Joe at 9637 5009 or email him at petcruise88@gmail.com.

Do enjoy and experience it!

Strolling at East Coast Park

Strolling at East Coast Park

This was our second time here to have our weekly leisure walk at East Coast Park. It was quite winding here despite of coming later at 10 am than the usual time of 8 am. There were so many joggers, fast walkers, cyclists, roller bladders, running children, strollers, dogs and many many more.

Before we began, FOCUS WORK is very important. Look at her FIRST before doing anything I like.

IMG_8747 IMG_8745

Let’s go.

IMG_8748After 1 km of walk, there were two strolling dogs coming towards us. Before I got the chance to spot them, my mom had detoured to another side of the road to prepare my dog-dog conditioning training.



My mom will act like a treat dispensing machine after I spotted any dogs around until I am able to look away from them.


When I am able to look away from them, I will start to train my DRI. But before that, my mom has to make sure that there will be no reaction from me other than the 3 seconds stare.


This is what I mean. Looking away from the triggers, I got my yum yum.


Mom loves when I walk beside her. Plus I got my yum yum after every auto look back and will get random treats when doing loose leash walking.

IMG_8796 IMG_8790 IMG_8787

We will stop half way to have my beautiful shot. O ya. Dad was the photographer during the whole journey. Not bad, RIGHT?

IMG_8753We came to stop by at this jetty where people will do fishing here. This was fun by sticking my head out to enjoy the breeze.


I need this after so many yum yum entering my mouth without any sip of water.


Again another shot in the middle of this jetty. I was not stress when I stuck out my tongue in this photo. This was taken after drinking water.

IMG_8768It was about time to walk back. This time round there was another Black Labrador coming from our back. What else can we do? Mom will be her usual self. Treat dispenser. What about me? I just accepted whatever she gave me.


Continuous FOCUS is a MUST. This FOCUS training will NEVER EVER END.

IMG_8794 IMG_8802I must say THANK YOU to my dad. He really can take nice photos but all settings were done by my mom. HEHE..




– Baileys

200th SKC & 29th AKU Championship Dog Show

200th SKC & 29th AKU Championship Dog Show

This was held by Discover Dogs Singapore at Singapore Expo and the first dog show started at 10am. Let’s get started for our show grooming, preferable 1hr before the show started. Everybody was busying brushing and styling at their station to get ready. The shelties were in Group 1 and will be the first group to go in show.


Polo The Sheltie


Oscar The Samoyed


Waffles The Sheltie


Costco The Sheltie

Alex The Goldie

Alex The Goldie


Hugo The Sheltie


Kiwi The Sheltie Puppy


Costco The Sheltie


Costco The Sheltie



SKC Judge: Mr Stuart Mallard (UK)


Hugo (Best of Breed)


German Shepherd (Best OF Breed)


Best Singapore Whelped In Show

IMG_7608 IMG_7587 IMG_7582 IMG_7581

AKU Judge: Mr Joe Tacker (US)






Polo (Best In Group)

IMG_8057 IMG_8045 IMG_8043 IMG_8042 IMG_8035 IMG_8028 IMG_7886 IMG_7895 IMG_7998 IMG_8002 IMG_8004 IMG_8007 IMG_8018 IMG_7879 IMG_7860 IMG_7857 IMG_7723


Even our supporters were here.


Abby The Sheltie


Maddie The Sheltie


Kiwi & Allie The Sheltie


The two ladies shelties


Miko The Sheltie


Kiwi The Sheltie Puppy with Auntie E


Tibetan Mastiff


Alex The Goldie with Uncle J


Alex The Goldie


Allie The Sheltie


Daisy The Sheltie


Oscar The Samoyed


Riley The Sheltie


Allie The Sheltie with passerby


Logan The Rough Collie


Riley The Sheltie


Ellie The Sheltie


Danger The Sheltie


Miko The Sheltie


Miko & Allie The Shelties


See you at the next show.

Han’s @ Upper Thomson Road

Back to Mom’s old school cafe at Han’s which located at Upper Thomson Road. Unfortunately, she didn’t know that this is another dog-friendly place to dine in. Of Course, we are only allowed to stay outdoor. 

906B Upper Thomson Road

906B Upper Thomson Road

My pawrents had a pretty hectic day. She brought Myers out at 6.30am this morning to walk at Robertson Quay with our PPNG and ended up at Anthesis Cafe for their brunch. Not even more than 5 hours of their precious break, they brought me to Katong Dog Run for Dog Watching desensitization. Then we ended up dined in at Han’s (Upper Thomson Road). 


Fish N Chip (S$9.80)

20140513_193625For my auto-focus, I got rewarded some of the fish from that plate.

I had immediately zonked out after I stepped in the room.

Good Night!

– Baileys

Anthesis Boulangerie, Bistro and Cafe

Anthesis is a cosy boulangerie, bistro and cafe nestled in Robertson Blue along Robertson Quay, serving up a wide variety of brunch and coffee. Its windy alfresco seats are decorated in a simplistic with wooden tables and metal chairs.


86 Robertson Quay #01-01 Robertson Blue Singapore 238245 Tel: 6737 9873 Operating Hours: 8.30am – 10.00pm (Closed on Monday)











We popped by in the morning after our long walk from Clarke Quay to Robertson Quay. They make the perfect atmosphere for people with dogs although they do not serve with a doggy menu. The human food prices are quite reasonable and its quality speaks up for its value. I must give it a PLUS POINT.


MUESLI (S$8.00) – Yogurt, Seasonal Food & Nuts

My Breakfast, My Way




Caramelized Banana Waffle Stack





ICED LATTE (S$11.00)

20140513_093425 20140513_092557I got some share of poached eggs from Hershey’s Mom. AWESOME.

20140513_095607 This is little Hershey with his great focus on his Mom’s plate. Hehehe…

20140513_095550 20140513_095637I always love to look away. So many little things and movements around.

– Myers

Desensitization with slow walking people

I am very sensitive to any movements at sight. The initial stage is spot the trigger, alert, lunge, bark and the last but not least, bite. In short, I have movement reactivity. To my experience, the best way to overcome this is to use counter-conditioning then later on pair with desensitization. What you mean by counter-conditioning? It is basically a classical conditioning which pairs the triggers that will produce unpleasant response with something pleasant. In my case, we use YUMMY TREATS to pair with the triggers. Beside this, distance and intensity are also another important part of this training. That is why desensitization kicks in. The goal is to expose me to a low level trigger which will evoke the unwanted response in certain situation, and then gradually closing up the distance and slowly increase the intensity of the stimulus. This has to be done by my own pace so that none of the unwanted behaviours will occur.

How do I start? Firstly is to locate the trigger, make plan and train at a safety distance. In my case, since I am reactive to moving things, I will start with human first as Mommy does not want me to bite at any human being accidentally. She will pick an odd hour (such as 7am during the weekday) for me to watch at people who is standing still, then followed by slow walking people and then normal walking people.

auntie watchToday, I will just watch at slow walking auntie.

The best is to train at one stimulus at one time in one day. In order to be more effective, keep the training session short like 15 mins. In between, you can have a short break so that I could redirect the focus from the stimulus in order to rest my mind.

See you in the next session with me.

– Myers

First encounter on lamb ear

This is our first experience munching the lamb ear. Based on mummy’s research, these lamb ears are made 100% natural and free range. They are high in Protein and make a tasty snack treat. It is delicious and appetizing.

IMG_6271 IMG_6288By looking at my pictures, it can tell you that I’m very enjoyable chewing it. By the way, this is better than chewing the table’s leg. It tastes much better.

IMG_6275 IMG_6307Never thought of the taste of lamb ear. Is it tasty or tasteless? We shall see.

IMG_6317 IMG_6294Danger:”Yummy! Taste nicer but I forgot whether I have had it before.”

Heavenly Treats.