A memorable week


Mommy and Daddy had a hard time that day. I still remembered it was on a Monday, 3 August 2015. They had never carried that rotten feeling when travelling from home to vet. Even though it is indeed a small operation, so called sterilization, they felt very uncomfortable. For me, I didn’t know anything. I just followed them. Maybe my Mom was too comical. She almost cried out when she handed me over to Dr Lee. I guessed Dr Lee noticed that and that’s why she had given her 5 minutes extra to reconsider.

[Benefits of Steralization:

  • Reduce the risk of certain types of cancer that can be terminal.
  • Eliminate undesirable behaviours like spraying, marking and fighting (of course, this need to be trained too even after neutering).
  • Not developing the uterine infection called, “Pyometra”, which occurs commonly among older, unspayed dogs and cats. Pyometra is a life threatening disease.
  • Prevent unwanted breeding. ]

Final conclusion, Mommy had decided at 12pm .

According to the vet tech, I had awaken at 4pm and started to make some barking sound for awareness.

At 7 pm, I can be discharged. Before leaving the place, I had left a goodbye souvenir for the vet by marking at the entrance door.

Right after

What a moody face!

After 10 hrs

Feel so tired.


After 28 hrs

Still in pain.


After 2 days

My FIRST jump!


After 3 days

Able to play!


After 4 days

Healing fast!


After 5 days

Asking for fetch or tug!


After a week 1

Finally I’m out.

Mommy brought me out on the day 7 walking from Robertson Quay to Clarke Quay with my buddy H.

After a week 2

And I took some individual shot.

After a week 4

And we ended our walk with healthy breakfast at one of the cafe (forget the name) at Robertson Quay which is a dog friendly place.

After a week 3


Our First Pet Cruise

Our First Pet Cruise

We had long time never been to beach to do our favourite thingy; swimming and chasing. According to our friend’s Mommy, this period is monsoon season (aka raining season) and is quite dangerous to do any activities near seaside. But we do not need to worry about it. Uncle Joe from Pet Cruise will sort these out by checking the weather, wind observations, temperature, cloud and atmospheric moisture. Fortunately, we were able to go on 30 Nov 14.

Let’s go.

10425860_955292514498269_7538572552646583191_nNeither it was hot nor cold during that day. Sound great. Wasn’t it..

10599726_955292611164926_6623387303824745782_nWe have never stopped playing and chasing before. Our legs always move.

1492746_955292584498262_7754544750743891383_oAfter a long run, we got to eat our favourite dehydrated chicken fillet. AWESOME.. If you had noticed, we were always on leash once we stepped into the boat. This was to prevent us jumping off from boat into the sea as we were too enthusiastic in swimming (this was especially referred to little Myers).

10410115_955292547831599_2296506176681353502_nOther than beach chasing, what else can we do? This was our first time and also Mom’s first time jumping off from boat to swim with us. It was 5m high. FYI, Mom’s height is only 1.58m high. THAT’S CONSIDERED A HUGH DIFFERENCE FOR A BEGINNER. No choice. She got to learn. By the way, she loved it so much that they wanted to go snorkelling one day without us. SOB SOB!!

10686713_955375837823270_826445889267235912_nWhat a short trip! 3 hrs only… We definitely will come back again.


You may check out their services and photos at https://www.facebook.com/petcruise88. 

If interested. you may contact Joe at 9637 5009 or email him at petcruise88@gmail.com.

Do enjoy and experience it!

FIRST pork knuckle brushing!!

Mummy said chewing bones can benefit our health and also keep our teeth clean. There are many different types of bones out there. Which one is actually the right one?

(Bear in mind, please do not leave your furkids alone when chewing any types of bones.)

Avoid bones which splinter such as cooked weight bearing bones like poultry, beef and lamb.  Although our stomach are strong enough to dissolve most of the bones but they can easily splinter and be passed indigestible into the intestine. Worse, it will cause death.

For us , mummy always gave us knuckle bones which are found at the end of the long bones and it contains cartilage over the ends which is naturally mend for our teeth and also encourage us to chew. These bones are softer than tooth enamel. On top of that, it provides calcium, minerals, roughage and firmness to the stool. But too much bone may cause white, hard stools and constipation.

This video was our FIRST pork knuckle brushing.

Other than using knuckles bone, we need other types of bones to brush our teeth as different bones mend for different areas. As you noticed, it cannot really brush the inner side of our teeth. Hence, mummy has to learn more on bones.