Our First Pet Cruise

Our First Pet Cruise

We had long time never been to beach to do our favourite thingy; swimming and chasing. According to our friend’s Mommy, this period is monsoon season (aka raining season) and is quite dangerous to do any activities near seaside. But we do not need to worry about it. Uncle Joe from Pet Cruise will sort these out by checking the weather, wind observations, temperature, cloud and atmospheric moisture. Fortunately, we were able to go on 30 Nov 14.

Let’s go.

10425860_955292514498269_7538572552646583191_nNeither it was hot nor cold during that day. Sound great. Wasn’t it..

10599726_955292611164926_6623387303824745782_nWe have never stopped playing and chasing before. Our legs always move.

1492746_955292584498262_7754544750743891383_oAfter a long run, we got to eat our favourite dehydrated chicken fillet. AWESOME.. If you had noticed, we were always on leash once we stepped into the boat. This was to prevent us jumping off from boat into the sea as we were too enthusiastic in swimming (this was especially referred to little Myers).

10410115_955292547831599_2296506176681353502_nOther than beach chasing, what else can we do? This was our first time and also Mom’s first time jumping off from boat to swim with us. It was 5m high. FYI, Mom’s height is only 1.58m high. THAT’S CONSIDERED A HUGH DIFFERENCE FOR A BEGINNER. No choice. She got to learn. By the way, she loved it so much that they wanted to go snorkelling one day without us. SOB SOB!!

10686713_955375837823270_826445889267235912_nWhat a short trip! 3 hrs only… We definitely will come back again.


You may check out their services and photos at https://www.facebook.com/petcruise88. 

If interested. you may contact Joe at 9637 5009 or email him at petcruise88@gmail.com.

Do enjoy and experience it!

Saturday Morning Strolling

What a great Saturday morning. I got to walk with Mommy and Daddy at SengKang Riverview Park. It is a riverine park which located at Anchorvale Street abutting Sungei Punggol. Mommy said this area is connected by a floating wetland. It helps to collect and filter rainwater naturally through its aquatic plants.


How do we get there? This is 5 mins drive from our home. Likewise, the park can be reached via the Sengkang LRT Line at Farmway KLRT Station.


A rough park directory for future reference.


We went to the other side where lesser people would pass by. At that area, it is a very good place to train for low distraction movement reactive training. We will only see each trigger (jogger, bicycle and brisk walker) in every 5 minutes. In between where there was no people around, Mommy brought her DSLR with 35mm lens to take my beautiful photos. As usual, I will get treat after every trigger passed by. What did I have this morning?



My all time favourite dehydrated chicken fillet made by my sweet Mommy. Yummy…

We never stayed there for too long because I always got bitten by ants. Be aware if you want to go there. That area is full of ants crawling around. Yucks. This is so called nature.

Stay tune for Mommy’s awesome photos. Let’s count to 10.





















1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

That ended my walk.

See you soon.



Paw Pet-radise Cafe

Cafe dogging is currently our all times favourite sport. It is not difficult. I just need to DOWN STAY and WATCH DOGS and I will got alots alots of YUM YUM. We have been doing this multiple times at our favourite spot, Paw Petradise Cafe.

1891266_781731248521064_278381772_n (1)

Tell you more about me. I have leash reactive towards dogs. How does this actually happen? After the adolescence kicked in, I was very very interested in everything around me. (eg. trees, dogs, pole, grass and etc.) Initially, I just stared at the dog but it had gradually increased the arousal level that caused me to bark and lunge at the later stage. To my inexperience mom, she had definitely missed out THE MOST IMPORTANT BODY LANGUAGE that signalled the very first move. (That’s why she is working double hard now.)

How are we going to get this started? Mommy had tried a lot of different methods like going to the dog run often or standing still like a robot waiting for me to look back at her (which I normally don’t because why should I do that when there are so many interesting things around me.) BUT she has never never given up on me. She googled it on net and came across one video on leash reactive towards dogs that leash pulling can increase arousal level and lead to aggressive barking. So we seek help from Teacher mimi. Then she realised that she had trained wrongly all the while.Teacher mimi told her that loose leash walking and leash reactivity towards dogs have to be trained separately. From then on, all the trainings started.

We had our loose leash training for 5 consecutive days without seeing any dogs (except Myers). Then followed by dog watching at Bishan Park. We didn’t walk over to the dog run. We just stayed at a corner to click for dogs.


Other than this, Aunty Elim suggested cafe dogging to see whether it helps as we can train in the controlled environment by watching dogs outside the cafe instead of going in. This is how Cafe Dogging get started. What do we normally do during our cafe dogging session? It’s simple. A DOWN STAY or SIT STAY will earn a lot of YUMMY treats. A DOWN STAY / SIT STAY + DOG WATCHING will earn a lot of YUMMY BONUS treats.



See how much I have improved in this 2 months. I’m able to do DOWN STAY + FOCUS WORK at mommy. 


Of course, I will have random SUPER HIGH VALUE SPECIAL TREATS for my desired behaviours. This is what I earned during one of our Cafe Dogging, LIVER FRUIT CAKE, from Paw Petradise Cafe.


After so many times of Cafe Dogging, this is how close I can DOWN STAY with Mia even though there is one glass door apart.


– Baileys

Fort Canning Park

It has been awhile for us to appear on screen again as keyboard to us is another part of the world so we have to wait for mommy’s free time to update our latest news.

There we go.

Early in the morning 6am, we have already awakened and don’t want to continue in our dreamland. So what else can we do beside our pawrents are snoring in their own world. Hmmm… Let’s lick them up to bring us out.

Lick Lick Lick!! Squeeze Squeeze Squeeze!! Finally they are awake. Let’s move!

Our mission has accomplished. We might visit a new place today.


The Fort Canning Park (福康宁) is a small hill slightly more than 60m high in the south east portion of the island city-state of Singapore which overlooks Orchard Road and set in the heart of the Civic and Cultural District of Singapore.

IMG_6561I will be your tour guide today. Let’s go!

IMG_6565This is Fort Canning Centre and used to be the barracks of the British Army as its headquarters of its defence bases in the 1920s in order to protect the British interests in the South East Asia. Now it has turned to the home of the Singapore Dance Theatre.

IMG_6587Let’s see which way can we go.

IMG_6570I love to be taller than you. Let you be.

IMG_6572We need to climb up here first.


Towards is the gate of fort canning. Let me have a treat first!

IMG_6610Smell something? Smell like ants.

IMG_6635IMG_6644Let’s us take a break first.

IMG_6652My BIG SMILE to all of you.

IMG_6676Can we drink water first? I’m super thirsty.

IMG_6673Me too.

IMG_6660IMG_66635 mins break from now.

Photo session again.

IMG_6720IMG_6770 hello

myers lovelife withmyersangel loveLet’s move on.

IMG_6843Is this the Raffles’House where most of the weddings hold here?

IMG_6854The view from here is awesome. I’m completely in love.

IMG_6867Daddy treats me again. Awesome!

the beauty of silentsomeone

End of tour. See you next time!

My FIRST official jump

As usual, we have our Sunday morning walk today. Mummy has added one special training for me is to be able to walk through the crowded coffee shop and supermarket. We have been doing this for two weeks and I am in the midst of training with super low crowd at the wee hour. Today, I’m able to walk through it with 25% crowd at the coffee shop and supermarket. We only practised that for 2 rounds then we will proceed back to our garden walk.

Baileys 15.12.13While we are still walking at the neighbourhood garden at level 2, we pass this exercise corner. Not surprise for me. Mummy has immediately added another new training specially for me. There is this super low bar and it is an acceptable height for me to practice my first jump even though is not the requirement height for agility. Mummy has been waiting for a full year to start my official basic jump today. With zero agility experience, we do not know how to start a jump with command so Mummy uses treats to lure me to jump over the bar but I couldn’t get her intention. After a few tries, I still couldn’t get it. Then Mummy just give up the luring part by jumping over the bar once herself. Ting Ting!! With a split second, I understand and immediately jump over beside her. Since then, I’m able to jump over without her showing me. After the 5th jump, Mummy added the command ‘JUMP’ in between my bar jumping. At the 8th jump, I’m able to listen the command and jump. I love this bar jumping. Why? 1 jump = Buffet Time! 10 jumps = BIG TIMES! We didn’t continue after the 10th jump as Mummy said that not to be too rush and take one step at a time.


What a lazy afternoon!

December is a wet day in Singapore but fortunately today is a beautiful day. It is good for chasing and playing on the green and glossy grass, but windy enough to blow us away. Hehe..


Mummy has decided to bring us back to the Gardens by the bay today but who knows, the dark clouds have moved toward the South, as usual during this period. We drive all the way there but we didn’t get the chance to alight due to all the thunderstorms and lightning flashing above us. Due to our home stay for many days, we have noticed that the sunshine will only shine in the morning and the rain will come in the afternoon. By the way, we normally got the chance to go out only in the late afternoon (no hot sun).

In the end, we drive all the way back to our home to tour around at the neighbourhood garden. So sad!!

1489241_741591785868344_1681794850_n 1479520_741591789201677_1079466714_n 604048_741591779201678_1072080538_nEven the floor here is also wet. And the thunderstorm and lightning are coming back again.

1488240_741593082534881_1384594432_n 1483185_741594065868116_1820112039_nBut we are still very fortunate and blessed that we can have a very short walk (even though is really a very very short walk but better than nothing) before the rain comes.

We are looking forward to the next season.

One Week Staycation

My Bossy Daddy is staying over for a week before his big show with my mommy on 1 Dec 2013 at Bishan CC. He has to bond with my mommy at least a week before he could really show out his hidden talents.

He is a Grand Champion in the states. Even though, he has not been to the show ring for 2 years, we believe it is not difficult for him to be another Champion in Singapore. Let’s work it out for him.

DangerWell! We do remember when he first came here. He was reserved towards strangers and had totally ignored any recalls from anybody in the house. He would just run away if any humans came closer to him. He don’t play with us and always love to rest on the couch. So that’s why we named him “the boss” and “sofa boy”.

IMG_6501This is the third time he has stayed over with us. He is now more open up toward us and of course to our pawrents. In this short week, we can see that he has improved day by day and especially the recalls part. Patient is the key word.

IMG_6458To my surprise, he will play toy tugging and catching with me after the fifth day here.


IMG_6467I love to accompany my bossy danger whenever he comes over here.

IMG_6482What are you looking at? I’m in shock. He actually knows how to play toy too.

IMG_6488Of Course. What are we? Shelties love to play.

IMG_6508Sniff Sniff! 

IMG_6521Danger:”I LOVE to play with you all but I’m too shy to do that. I’m not used to it. Please bear with me for few days.”

IMG_6525Bossy Danger! Come chase me!

IMG_6523Danger:”Wait! My ear is very itchy. Let me scratch first.”

IMG_6517Danger:”Yeh! I LOVE to play fetching.”

IMG_6549 IMG_6551Danger:”Hehe.. Is there any food that I can eat?”

IMG_6444Danger:”I would LOVE to join in but I do not know how and where to start.”

After a short week, we definitely have embarked a strong memories and feeling in our heart towards him. Especially our pawrents. They will be SUPER miss him.

IMG_6432Bossy Daddy, we will MISS YOU.IMG_6436Last but not least, let me show you my charming face before we end here.


Vibrant Pets – Canine Athlete

Another supplement that you MUST TRY is Vibrant Pets Canine Athlete. It improves the overall performance levels, joint & muscle and skin & coat.

(Source: www.sharsationsembroidery.com)

Especially for those who join agility or any sports related programs as well as those highly active family dogs, you must try this awesome product as it protects their joints and muscles from high impact activities.

(Source: canyonview.ca)

A well protected and good maintenance of overall skin and coat are important for those who participate in conformation show. In order to make it better and blossom, you must try this as it enhances the coat and skin condition and also reduces itchy skin.

SAM_3318A sensitive stomach is a very uncomfortable thing to them. In order to help them, this product may relieve their uncomfortable stomach issues and also boost their immune system.

Neither sports related activities nor conformation show for both Baileys and Myers, this product will still help them in another way. They are considered super active and love to run around at dog park, I believe this product may somehow protect their joints and muscles. At the same time, I also love fluffy and big coat so I have faith in this magnificent product as it will help me to fulfil my goal.

I have been giving Baileys and Myers since Sep 2013. Based on the photos below, you may really see the differences, especially Myers.

SAM_3614This was taken before giving the Canine Athlete in Sep 2013.

In 3 months time,

IMG_5503she has really grown. Do you notice her coat? Big and Fluffly!!

How about Baileys?

SAM_3618This was taken before giving the Canine Athlete in Sep 2013.

In another 3 months time,

IMG_5561his coat has started to fill in and make him look charming.

In order to see the end result, you must be discipline to feed them daily with the correct dosage and wait patiently for the best result. I do believe everything itself will have their side effect even though they are healthy or natural products. By overfeeding them, it may not help anything but otherwise, it may worsen the overall health. Do follow the recommended dosage behind the package or consult the experts.

It is in a powder form so for me, I will sprinkle 1 spoon (based on their given spoon in the package) on their raw dinner everyday.

IMG_5507 IMG_5524

Good day to be AWESOME.

Raw Duck Leg for Baileys’ 1st Birthday

I got new type of meat today on my first birthday.

Guess what?

DUCK LEGIt’s a Duck Leg. Awesome!!

As usual, I need to SIT and STAY FOCUS before I allowed to taste it.

IMG_6324I must be patient. The duck leg eventually is mine.

IMG_6328Since today is a special day, I got MORE MORE WORK to do. Say Cheese!!

IMG_6349Ok. This is how a Duck Leg looks like. Nothing really special. Almost the same like Chicken Drumstick to me.

IMG_6352Mummy loves my focus and endurance. Keep it up!!

IMG_6337Mummy:”Come closer, Boy!”

IMG_6335Not again. How long must I wait? I have been sitting here and there for more than 5 mins.

IMG_6345My hunger has gone. There’s more FUN outside.

8Finally I got my first taste of it. It tastes just like chicken but with a slightly strong flavour.

Now is my little Myers’ turn to do whatever my mummy loves to see.

4My endurance is definitely better than my big brother. See!!

5Not bad right. My little trick is “HOLD YOUR BREATH”, so you can’t smell the foooooood.

IMG_6371Another 1 min of holding time. I have to work till the end.

9Yum Yum Yum!!





First encounter on lamb ear

This is our first experience munching the lamb ear. Based on mummy’s research, these lamb ears are made 100% natural and free range. They are high in Protein and make a tasty snack treat. It is delicious and appetizing.

IMG_6271 IMG_6288By looking at my pictures, it can tell you that I’m very enjoyable chewing it. By the way, this is better than chewing the table’s leg. It tastes much better.

IMG_6275 IMG_6307Never thought of the taste of lamb ear. Is it tasty or tasteless? We shall see.

IMG_6317 IMG_6294Danger:”Yummy! Taste nicer but I forgot whether I have had it before.”

Heavenly Treats.